SAC (Società Amatori Cirneco)
Cirneco Club Specialty
Modica, Sicily - 6 Aprile, 2003


For the first time in its history, in 2002 the SAC (Cirneco Club in Sicily) offered a trophy for a bitch or stud dog and its progeny.  There were two categories: breeders with an affix and breeders without.  The prize was offered to the breeder of the progeny of a male or female who had won at least one CAC in working class in a National, International or Club Specialty Show.
To receive the prize the dog or bitch had to be presented at Modica with its progeny. Points were awarded for each result of the progeny.
After examining all applications two prizes were awarded for 2002:
One to Giuseppe Aiello of Gelso Bianco in the category breeder with affix for his dog Mafiusu (bred by Majorana), and one to Domenico Tricomi for his bitch Athena (bred by Moore) in the category breeder without affix.

Athena's progeny gained more points than any other group with or without an affix.

Breeder's Trophy Group prize-giving at Modica (Sicily)
  Diva            Gea          Gufo       Dino          Athena    G.Urzi, former Club President, presenting the trophy

pictured last year at 6 years old
(Faruk del Gelso Bianco X Eta dei Casorati)
with her progeny
Diva, Gea, Dino, Gufo

a a a

dob/nata  4.6.1996
Breeder/Allev. Jane Moore
Athena It.Ch. 
Faruk del Gelso Bianco
Artù delGelso Bianco
Alina del Gelso Bianco
It.Int.Work Ch. 
Eta dei Casorati