. joy's mother and joy's sisters










In the first photo my mother with the last son Ghet, (second photo) now  he is ten years old. In the third photo my mother is with me and my sister Noy and my mother while she prepares the betel to chew. Also added photos with my mother Nang and her new husband in april, for the old happy new year thai Songkran.






 My sister Hlot of 26 years ago, some years ago she married with a thai boy and mother of a child of 10 years ago of name Op   had from the first wedding and of according to son of one year ago had with the second husband.






My smaller sister Noy of 20 years ago, is be married with a thai boy from which photo to side had a beautiful child of name Nun  of four years ago and now accompanied  with an other boy of a near town.


my sons


 my friend