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SIKB (r)

> Söders Internationella Konst Biennal (r) <



SIKB (r)

A late-Dada, seudo-Situationistic but in a mainly
Pataphysic atmosphere, SIKB (r) has been organized by Ingrid Falk, Gustavo
Aguerre, FA+The Central Committee and Intercult
as a part of the South
(Söder) neighbourhood of the city of Stockholm, using the public space,
streets, park, graveyard, etc. and the art space of
INTERCULT, situated into the territory.
The theme of SIKB (r) is: (r)
The sign of parenthesis, two curves facing each other
The letter r
The combination of both, or the combination of all the possible
interpretations of both signs...
(r) meaning "revolutionary"
Big party at the opening day on September 6   2:00 PM


Participating Artists:


      G. Aguerre (Sweden) -           

      K. Ask (Denmark) -           

      G. Bal (UK) -           

      H. Black & Y. Colakides (Cyprus) -           

      R. Borggårg & T. Maneva (Sweden) -           

      C. Capelán (Sweden)-           

      G. Carlsson (Sweden) -           

      N. Casares (Spain) -           

      C. Casarino (Paraguay) -           

      F. Casco (Paraguay) -           

     Centralkommittén (r) (Sweden)

    - Lovisa Johansson

    - Gustavo Aguerre

    - Ingrid Falk

   - Isa Dussauge

    - Mona Petersson

   - Ignacio Lorca 

   M. Cattelan (Italy) -           

   C. Davinio (Italy) -           

    P. Diaz (Denmark) -           

  A. Dolci (Italy) -           

   I. Dussauge & M. Johansson (Sweden) -           

   L. Elggren (Sweden) -           

  T. Elovsson (Sweden-           

  T. Emin (U.K.) -           

  FA+JDPLI (Sweden) -           

  I. Falk (Sweden)-           

  F. Grossi (Italy-           

 T.M. Hambraeus (Sweden) -           

  S. Hayashi (Sweden)         

  M. Hatoum (U.K.) -           

  D. Hirst (U.K.) -           

  T. Jelaca (Serbia) -           

  L. Johansson & M. Petersson (Sweden)  

 P. Johansson (Sweden) -           

 T. K. (Sweden) -           

  Ch. Kullmann (Sweden) -           

 G. Lavagnino (Argentina) -           

 G. Leander (Sweden) -           

  L. Lee (U.K.) -           

 T. Lundberg (Sweden) -           

  M. Michaeli (Sweden) -           

 F. Michie (U.K.) -           

 A. Mood (Sweden) -           

 O. Mora (Spain) -           

  K. Orne (USA) -           

  D. Murua (Swerige) -           

 A. Pajunen (Sweden) -           

 K. Ramadan (Denmark) -           

J. Rundgren (Sweden) -           

R. Scala (Italy) -           

S. Schlicher (The Netherlands-           

S. Skoko (Serbia) -           

S. Stanojkovik (Macedonia) -           

H. Sternudd (Sweden) -           

M. Varela (Sweden) -           

W. Wartena (The Netherlands) -           

K. Wester (Sweden) -           

G.-O. Wågstan (Sweden)-           

A. Zakrzewska (Sweden 



Saturday 6 of September 02:00 PM

Intercult's Annexet

Nytorsgatan 5

and in the area between the streets

in Söder's Neighbourhood



 - PARTY -

from 06:00 PM