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This are my friends

Sergio Canini, he has give me all my knowledge.

He left his life today, 09 Januar 2004

A pride for him, I'll never forget you

He was 69 years old

Luca Ravagni, great musician and one of the most ProTools expert in Italy ...and my first brother...

Me and Antonello Pudva, one of the best Italian Guitar players, my second brother ...

click on the picture to redirect to his homepage

Toni Soddu, my teacher

Toni Soddu, me and Roberto Ghiorzi at the Drumcode Studio

The staff of the Traviata in Paris, from left: Maurizio Cottone, Francesco Penolazzi, me and Danilo Pedrosi

The Anto's Angels...

Carlito, Vasco Rossis backliner

Mario Guarini, one of the best Italian bass players


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