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Audio Gear

Mixing Consoles

Digidesign Digi 002

Yamaha DMC 1000

Yamaha DMR 8

Yamaha DMP7-D

Studio Setup

AD/DA & Format Converters

#2 Yamaha AD8X

Yamaha DA8X

Yamaha DA202


Spectral "The Translator" Format Converter

(Adat Optical, SMDAI, TDIF-1, Y2)

Yamaha FMC2

Yamaha FMC8


Dynaudio BM5A

Tivoli Audio - Model One

Yamaha NS10M Studio



McIntosh 2500



Beyerdynamic DT 770 M

AKG K240

Behringer Powerplay


Mixers and line patchbays

#4 Akai MB76

Furman SRM-80 + Remote unit


Alesis ADAT XT

Alesis BRC Remote Control

Alesis AI-2 SMPTE sync-controller

Yamaha DMR 8

Dat Fostex D-5

Dat Yamaha DTR 2 (Used as AD/DA Converter)

Revox PR99

Nagra 4.2

Tape Deck Nakamichi 550

Tape Deck Teac C2X

Minidisk Sony MZ-R500

Fostex VR 800

Audio Interfaces

ProTools 442 (used for Nuverb I/O)

Digidesign Video Slave Driver

Yamaha CBX-D5

Digigram VXPocket 2 - 24 bit


Midas XL 42

Yamaha HA8

#2 ART Dual MP

Compressors Drawmer 1960

Para-graphic Eq Orban 672A

Bass Pod ProXT

Mesa Boogie Guitar Preamp V-Twin

Chandler Tube-Works Rack


Lexicon 200

Lexicon PCM 42

Lexicon Nuverb

Roland SRV 2000

TC Fireworxs

Line 6 Echo Pro

Yamaha SPX1000

Yamaha SPX 990

#2 Yamaha R100

Klark Teknik DN780

Remote DN780

Roland RE501

MXR Digital Delay

... my BPM calculator...

Akai MFC42

Behringer EDISON

Drawmer DMT1080

Guitar Stomp Boxes

TC Electronic Phaser TC XII

TC Electronic Booster+ Distorsion

Boss Chorus CE-2

Boss Flanger BF-2

Boss Octaver OC-2

Boss Digital Reverb RV-2

Boss Line Selector LS-2

MXR Bass eq

#2 Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Ibanez PDS-1


#1 AKG D112

#1 Audio-Technica AE 2500

#1 Audio Technica ATM31R

#1 Audio-Technica ATM10

#2 Audio-Technica PRO37R

#1 Shure ß52

#1 Shure ß58

#2 Shure SM58

#2 Shure SM57

#1 Sennheiser MKH 416 (+ Rycote Windshield and boom)

#1 Beyerdynamic Opus

#1 Electro Voice PL6

#1 Roytek CM200BK

#2 D.I. Boxes BSS AR118

#1 Stereo D.I. Box EMO System

#2 Hughes & Kettner Red Box II

Measurement Tools

Terrasonde - the Audio Toolbox™

SCV - Phase Checker

Leica Disto™

Computers & related software


Macintosh G4 - 867 - Dual Monitor - ATTO SCSI Interface

Macintosh 8100AV

Powerbook G3 Wall Street-500 MHz

Powerbook G3 Pismo-400 MHz

PC 450 MHz

PC 200 MHz with Linux Server

Atari 1040 STE


ProTools LE 6.9 on OSX Panther 10.3.9

Studio Vision

Logic Audio 6

Wave Burner

Notator Logic (for Atari)

C-Lab (for Atari)

EVS-1 Editor (for Atari)

Musical instruments


Oberheim OB8 Midi

Prophet VS

Roland D50 with Musitronics Multiexpansion

Roland JX8P

Roland SH101

Yamaha CS20M

Korg Wavestation Ex

Korg Poly800

Korg MS 10

Other great link


Roland MKS70

Roland MKS20

Kork M3R

Yamaha TX802

Yamaha RM50

Evolution EVS-1

Alesis D4

Roland SPV-335

Online Manual

Midi Controllers

Yamaha G10C + Guitar Controller

Yamaha DTR70 + Pads

Yamaha MFC10

Roland PG-1000 Midi controller

Midi Interfaces

Emagic Unitor 8 Mk II

Opcode 64XTC

Yamaha MEP-4

Roland A-880



Stick 10 Strings

Yamaha G 10

Alembic Bass "Essence" 4 Strings

#2 Behringer Shark DSP 110 Delays




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