Interdisciplinary Laboratoryfor Biopsychocybernetics Research

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Who we are 
The INTERDISCIPLINARY LABORATORY FOR BIOPSYCHOCYBERNETICS RESEARCH is a no-profit association established by six Italian scholars in 2001. It is an innovative structure created for the biopsychocybernetic research and study whose aim is basically operational.


Our concern                           Through scientific methods and instruments the LABORATORY is interested in researching and studying anomalous, unusual or non conventional phenomena of psy interaction, phenomena depending on particular biopsychic conditions and on bioresonance phenomena in which man has always been directly or indirectly involved. A peculiar feature of The Laboratory activity is to offer a free counselling for its members, people or organisations (Centres, Associations, Coteries).


What BPC is
The phenomena studied by "The Laboratory" raise physical, medical and psychological problems and a neurophysiological knowledge which also includes those phenomena of bioresonance which - as is known - depend on the relation that every man has with the close and remote physical world. It is well known the influence that the electromagnetic fields and the geomagnetic and sidereal radiations have on the Central Nervous System and - as a consequence - on the living systems. The phenomena which come from this kind of interaction between man and environment fall within the "biopsychocibernetic of the information".