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2677 Regt. OSS (Prov)
APO 512   U.S. Army


                                                                                25th July 1945 


Subject: XI Zone Partisans (Lucca Area)


The following report is based on personal knowledge of XI Zone Partisans
under the command of Manrico Duccezki, battle name of Pippo, and reports 
from the OSS IV Corp Detachment, 2677 Regt. commanded by major Rossetti 
a sub=detachment of the OSS Fifth Army Detachment which was commanded by
the undersigned. 

Contact with the Xl Zone Partisans was gained in February 1944 when an 
OSS Mission parachuted into the mountains of Tre Potenze prior to the
arrival of any Allied troops in the Lucca Area.
During the period February 1944 and October 1944 the XI Zone Partisans
received a number of air re=supply drops arranged through the OSS Missions
with them = for which they returned many pieces of information and carried
out acts of sabotage and direct attacks on the enemy lines of communica=
tion at the direction of the OSS, Fifth Army Headquarters. Exact figures
as to the number of tons of supplies received by the Patisans and to the
number of information messages sent to OSS Headquarters. 5th Army =
acts of sabotage and direct attacks are not available at the present time,
but can be had from inquiry of OSS Records at Washington. D.C.
Upon the arrival of allied troops in Lucca Area in October 1944 the XI
Zone Partisans were reorganized by its Commander (Pippo) under the gui=
dance of Major S.O.Rossetti, to meet the Partisans requirements of the 
IV U.S. Corps.
The XI Zone Partisans seven hundred (700) strong organized as close to a
U.S. Infantry Battalion as possible was constituted thusly: 


Battalion Headquarters = consisting of Battalion Commander Manrico
Duccezki (Pippo) and six Staff Officers to include the equivalent of
our S=1, S=2. S=3, S=4, S=5 and Medical Officer. 
b. Headquarters Company = 85 men for the duties of administrating to the
Battalion, Supplies, Ammunition and caring for the duties of wounded.
c. Company A, commanded by Franco Sisi; Company B, commanded by Gino Ber=
tagni; Company C, commanded by Germano Daily, Company D, commanded by
Edoardo Boudiolu consisted of 150 men each armed as similar to a U.S.
Infantry Company as possible.

In addition to the above, the XI Zone Partisans had two platoons of 20 men
each who were dispatched behind enemy lines each day on Intelligence Missions,
as guides for Allied Agents to go into Enemy Occupied Territory and as gui=
des to bring back downed air=men as well as Allied escaped POW's.
Companies A, B, D, C operated as out=posts for the outpost lines of the 6th 
Brazilian Regiment in the Serchio Valley and for the 473rd Infantry Regiment
in the Lima Valley Sector. In addition to the outpost duties and because of
their knowledge of the terrain these Companies performed many reconnaissance and
combat patrols and a number of limited objective attacks. 
The XI Zone Partisans were instrumental in assisting the 92nd U.S.lnfantry 
Division to stop an enemy attack in the Serchio Valley 25th December 1944 and
greatly assisted the 8th Indian Division to regain the territory lost in this
enemy attack.

During the offensive, the XI Zone Partisans advanced ahead of the Brazilian
Expeditionary Force in its axis advance from Lucca _rea to Milan and are
responsible for the capture of a large number of Germans and Fascists. 

The XI Zone Partisans suffered many casualties during these operations with 
quite a few fatalities. 

This Partisan Group was always oppolitical fighting for the Allied cause of
defeating Fascism and Nazism. They have always conducted themselves as trained
soldiers in face of the enemy and at rest in their home town. It was rated
the best Partisan Organization in contact with this Headquarters throughout
Its leader Manrico Duccezki (Pippo) and his subordinates deserve much credit
for the leadership given this Partisan Organization which helped crush the
German Forces in Italy. 

It is requested that any one able to assist this Organization in any way
shape or form do so in recognition for their fine War Record set forth
in this small report.


                                                                              /s/ VINCENT A. ABRIGNANI
                                                                                      Major , Infantry 



Copia conforme all'originale giacente presso l'Ufficio Stralcio del
Comando dell'XI Zona.


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