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 OSS     IV     CORPS



Subject: XI Zone Partisans


                                    9 May 1945


To: Commander of "Pippo Group"


From 6 October 1944 to 8 May 1945, Pippo and the Group under his Command
have faithfully served as combat in the Serchio and Lima Valleys, Italy
During this period of eight months the afore mentioned Group of Partisans
performed in an excellent manner and were of valuable service to the
Command in their Sector.
Their work consisted of regular combat activities and Intelligence Missions
which were of highest value to the Allied Command.
This Formation during the months of October to April held frontline posi=
tions North of Bagni di Lucca and during the 5th Army advance, covered the
left flank of IV Corps as far as Milano.
This Headquarters wishes to take this opportunity to thank You and Your
brave Group of 675 Partisans, for the magnificent contribution that You have
made towards the Liberation of Italy from Nazi and Fascist oppressors.

                                           /s/ STEPHEN O. R0SSETTI
                                               Major,     Infantry   



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