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It would be nice if you visit the largest web page dedicated to our favourite obsession: The Cosmo's Factory

Obviusly I don’t need to tell you that there’s also a beautiful Chat Room where you can meet other  Rocky fans from all over the world, interesting people, (I meet my boy friend there!) and exchange opinions or chat about everything…The ZEN ROOM

And now I just have to show you some delicious pics taken during past theater seasons…The original live version of "The Rocky Horror Show" has been on stage for 7 years in Milan. Year 2003 will be the 8th year of the tour. Discover where the show will be on stage!


This wonderful subject is named Bob Simon, he was the first Frank’n’Furter I ever seen on the stage. It has been a great honor to see him playing. (European Tours 1996/1997/1998/2001)
He was born to play this role….His voice is powerful and charismatic. He’s simply fantastic, the best and the sexiest Frank I could ever imagine!!
You may think I'm totally crazy, but let me say that - in my humble opinion - his performance as the good doctor Frank is even better than Tim Curry's performance!!
Bob has a great personal web-page now!
...And do not forget to visit the official site of Saturday Night Fever, EVITA and Jesus Christ his new shows. Bob is the greatest on usual!!!

Bob again, this time with Rocky-Brad Drummer. It was the year 1997.
Tour 1998, a new actor was playing Rocky, we met Michael Dalton.

Hans B. Goetzfried, as to say the best narrator I could ever imagine, a lovely person and a wonderful actor. With him in the pic, David Schmittou as Brad. 

Tour 1999, an other very interesting subject: Bradley Dean.
Maybe he’s a little bit too gigantic to play Frank,  but that’s for sure, he has been a great vocal interpreter.
He has one of the most beautiful and powerful voices my hears have ever heard.
With him in these pics, Mindy Stover-Columbia (on the left) and Eileen Kaden, a wonderful Janet (on the right).

…..How much money should I pay to have a voice like that??!!!??!!

A pic taken last April 2000. This is a "baby" version of Frank. Paul Pecorino (Frank of the European tour 2002 too), is restless and funny  on the stage, and full of incredible vitality and energy!! On his side Christopher Pickett – Rocky and Tim McShea as Riff Raff.
Renee Allen (Columbia), Tim McShea (Riff), Jennifer Dickinson (Magenta).
Paul Pecorino (left), Harley Abrevaya, Johnatan Caouette & Rik Anderson (Phantoms on the right)

Some other nice images (and wonderful memories) about Tour 2000 in Milan…..
God, I miss you all badly guys!!!!!

Some crazy people from the italian fan club….. These crazy guys come from Turin....

...and this group of people come straight away from London! 
Here I am with Luca Ravallese, unforgettable Dr. Furter of Cinema Mexico, in Milan. In this pic you can see him wearing the unusual costume of Eddie.


This hot sexy girl is Monica, Monique if you prefer, she’s not only beautiful, she’s also one of the sweetest girls I ever met!!! (why, can’t you see how sweet she is in the pic??) The creature with us in the pic is John, a crazy man from London.
.....and talking about brit Lucy, the "fifth phantom".
Have a look of her great web page, you'll find a lot of pictures! Click!!
 We took this photo in Graz last July 1999. Last year, with all the maidens you can see close to me, (from the left: Monica, Micaela, Michela e Grazia), I spent 26 hours on the train (round trip) to go to Austria and join a Rocky Horror Night...You can really tell it is passion!!
...I know it could seems insane...but it has been the most funny week-end of my own life!!!

Meet Amy, a wonderful sweet girl who lives in Boston.
She created a homepage about The RHS tour 2000…
She’s – by chance – Paul Pecorino’s niece! Let’s go and have a look! ! click

This wonderful sexy guy on Monica side is Andrea….He’ll be a great singer, I bet on it!
This is me. As Usherette at a Rocky Horror Party and as Mag at the opening night in Milan of the Rocky Horror Tour 2002. Luigi (Riff/Brad), Alessandro and Shirly by my side.
Valeria, Ivana, Mara, Irene, 

 Simo, Mario e Titty ...

Italian Tour 2003.... usual, a lot of crazy people is around!!


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