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Mail to Il Babau

"Il babau - Literary Magazine" was born in 1991 in Genoa.

That magazine is completely self-governing, and it has had absolutely no sponsor but its own journalists. Since 1991, it has given hospitality to authors - well-known or less - coming from all over Italy, publishing their short stories, essays, lyrics.

The magazine published interviews to well-know personages of literary and artistic world: Peter Greenaway, Edoardo Sanguineti, Preda Matvejevic, Dario Fo, and others.

Since 1991, 14 issues have been published.
Now, for about a year, the magazine hasn't been published...

Between the people who have done their best effort to make the magazine live,  we wish to remember:
Alberto Repetti, painter and graphical designer;
Carlo Marenco, writer and graphical designer as well.

Let me include who's writing this note as well -  Maurizio Puppo.