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- Sir Clough Williams-Ellis -

05 June 2006]

I learned a lot about mapping since max_pm. This is another FAT MAP, the way I like it :D, even larger tham max_pm but a lot more playable than it. You can play it both as a sniper (lots of interesting locations to hide&snipe) or as a running fighter (plazas, streets and alleyways).
Take a look inside this site for details, enjoy your journey in ZENA/GENOA :D

SOF2 map max_zena is downloadable from SOFFILES.COM:  http://soldieroffortune2.filefront.com/file/Zena_on_my_Mind_Genoa_Italy;61853
- Massimagnus -

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[30 May 2005] "MAX_PM.PK3 IS ONLINE"
I started planing this map about one year ago. I never made a map before but I was really interested to learn how to do it. Mapping is really one of the most complete form of artistic work you can imagine. Mapping is architecture, is painting, is sculpture, is music and sound, is programming, scripting and acting. You are not creating a game, you are creating... A WORLD! I read the manuals, I do several tests and started up. Because I use to think big, I decided to start with something really big. I put all in it to test the limits of the resources. It is a fat map, slow and laggy but most of the people have appreciated the effort. I have planned and mapped without compromises. A lighter map for competitions and lower end machines is under test. At the moment, enjoy with fat and laggy map and stay tuned for the next projects coming out.
- Massimagnus -

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