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Free Play - Luxury Edition
An Introduction
    Before we come to the free download procedure of this Luxury Card Game, let's take a look at a few of the basic principles involved.
Free Cell mini
    Initially, we decided to have a game that was open to modification and change. Since we had no blueprint on how to create a card game from scratch, we searched for a game that looked quite easy to be rebuilt and found it in 'FreeCell' on the Windows 98 distribution CD. This card game served as the background for our new version.

    Then we took Borland C++ Builder and created the source code for our new layout. As you can see, we also changed the name of the game into "Free Play", so that we won't be reminded of "cells" all the time, during playful hours. As we will see later on, such little aspects become quite important when you actually want to win in a game.

    The advantages offered by our Luxury Edition are quite numerous: For an increase in User Friendliness, several options have been added to choose from:
Free Play mini
    1. Automatic Move Detection, or the display of Card Transfer Infos.
    2. A Speed Control for automatic card moves, from Version 2.0 onward.
    3. Free choice of an optional picture to be displayed in the side window.
    4. Free selection of the order in which Suits are to be lined up on piles.
    5. New Statistics format, plus a calendar for the user. Just in case...

    The only restriction refers to Screen Resolution, or the number of pixels to be displayed: 800 x 600, as well as 1024 x 768 are supported. while 640 x 480 was discarded, because of lack of space for information display. The mini picture on the right gives an impression of the entire setup.

Free Play English
The card deck area shown in greater detail.

A note on how to win in a game...
    When you look around in this world, then you soon find out two important facts about such healthy activities as "Playing a Game":

    The first fact is, that there is a lot of JOY at stake. Usually we see her patiently waiting in the background for a winner to be declared. However, and that brings us to fact two, most people obviously have not the slightest idea of how to increase your chances for winning in a game. And that is what unnecessarily complicates the situation. Yes, my friends, it's about time for an Update in this respect.

FPlay Side Window     This friendly young lady from Japan is known on the Internet as "Yuka".

    What is important besides of the shining beauty she represents, is her silent connection with JOY. You simply cannot smile like this without having a direct link to something you love.

    When LOVE and JOY are together, then we have reached an ideal state in which it is a lot easier to win any game we might play.

    You cannot always smile while being in the course of game, but as you can see, Yuka doesn't have that problem. Thus, whenever something gets tight or goes wrong, you quickly look at her and she will respond with a workable solution. That's a good way of getting clean and sound game statistics.

    For those interested in further details, we can say that we have asked the Web Master of the site on which we found her for permission to use that picture. It was granted to us without further ado.

    The same Web Master also said that there was no need to add credits that would refer to their site, and so we leave it to each user of this Luxury Card Game to find the ideal picture on his or her own.

    Nice greetings and many thanks to Yuka from us. Enjoy!

Note: The Free Download Procedure for this useful Luxury Game can also be reached from the top of this page.

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In order to remain happy with the games just downloaded, it is good practice to observe a few hints regarding their basic constellation. For that reason, we have setup a new branch of our Studio that offers various demos and additional information.

Note: That site is currently not available.

With successful strategies and tactics, you can make the day shine. Give it a try.

      Partner Studio:    Fine ART Studio, Austria

      Note: In that Studio we now offer the German version of MahJong 2000.

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