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Welcome to San Francisco,
the town, "where people wear flowers in their hair".
Benvenuti a San Francisco,
la città nella quale "la gente usa dei fiori nei capelli"".
Bienvenidos a San Francisco,
la ciudad en la cual "la gente usa flores en el pelo".
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Fine Art has many children,
and they all love to express themselves: Painting, Music, Sculpture, Architecture, etc.

But at this lovely place, we start with the Art of Winning.
Fine Art ha tanti bambini e tutti amano esprimersi: La Pittura, Musica, Danza, Scultura, Architettura, ecc.

In questo luogo incantevole però, vogliamo incominciare
con l'Arte di Vincere.
Fine Art tiene muchos niños, y todos aman expresarse: La Pintura, Música, Danza, Escultura, Arquitectura, etc.

En este lugar encantador, sin embargo, comenzaremos con
el Arte de Ganar.
 Introduction Offers  Offerte d'Introduzione  Ofertas de Lanzamiento
New, improved version of
Luxury Card Game
with guide on how to win.
Nuova Edizione Speciale:
Gioco di Carte
Versione italiana.
Nueva versión de lujo:
Juego de cartas
con guía para ganar.
Various online tools at
A service by Raphael & friends.
L'artista italiana di 14 anni:
Racconti affascinanti
Le contribuzioni da Elena.
Poesía Latinoamericana:
"FILO - Un amor urbano"
Un proyecto de Renata.
Enjoy the new version of
MahJong 2000 - DeLuxe
The game for the whole family.
Finalmente in italiano:
MahJong 2000 flag_it
Il gioco per tutta la famiglia.
Ha llegado finalmente
MahJong 2000 - De Lujo
en la versión española.
Latest developments, latest hits, latest information:
We now offer the English version 3.4 XP of MahJong 2000.
Also runs on newer Windows operating systems, like Windows Vista, etc.

For details click here: MahJong 2000 Download page
MahJong play
MahJong 2000 is still our best download offer....

 Timeless Art  Arte eterna  Arte Eterno mark 03
How to incorporate the past?
The Fine Arts - today
With compliments to Naples.
Come rianimare il passato?
Le Belle Arti - oggi
Con tanti saluti a Napoli.
Cómo reanimar el pasado?
Las Bellas Artes - Hoy
Con saludos a Nápoles.
This papyrus just came in:
Pharaoh Tut & Wife
A visit from Old Egypt.
Appena arrivato: un papiro!
Faraone Tut e moglie
Una visita dall'antico Egitto.
Acaba de llegar un papiro!
Faraón Tut y esposa
Una visita del antiguo Egipto.

 Mobile Art  Arte mobile  Arte Móvil mark 06
A first, truly joint venture:
Feeling the Ocean,
off the coast of Gibraltar.
Una coproduzione vera:
Sentendo l'Oceano,
vicino alla costa di Gibilterra.
Una verdadera coproducción:
Sintiendo el Oceáno,
cerca de la costa de Gibraltar.
To learn more, visit our
Winning Research Lab
and the Footprints of Chance.
Il luogo per sapere di più:
Laboratorio dei guadagni
Per creare delle vincite...
Recursos adicionales en nuestro
Laboratorio de ganancias
Textos escritos en Inglés.

 Narrative Art  Arte narrativa  Arte Narrativo mark 04
Magic and mysterious:
Marco and the Forest Elf
A fairy tale by Elena.
Magico e misterioso:
Marco e l' Elfa del Bosco
Un racconto da Elena.
Mágico y misterioso:
Marco y el Hada del Bosque
Un cuento por Elena.
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points   Participation Corner -

  First of all, we consider this Fine ART Studio also to be yours.

  Therefore, we invite you to participate in the search for new items and gadgets that
  would expand our "product line". In case you have wonderful tiles that could be used
  for a new MahJong version, then drop us a note.

  Besides of that, you can always use this location to send in colorful wishes, hints,
  or suggestions,
to the following e-mail address in English, Italian, or German.

  E-Mail to:     fineart1@aon.at
  About us:     Our Studio's staff members


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In order to remain happy with the games just downloaded, it is good practice to observe a few hints regarding their basic constellation. For that reason, we have setup a new branch of our Studio that offers various demos and additional information.

Note: That site is currently not available.

With successful strategies and tactics, you can make the day shine. Give it a try right now.

      Partner Studio:    Fine ART Studio, Austria

      Note: In that Studio, we now offer the German version of MahJong 2000.


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