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MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition
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    Before we come to the free download procedure, let's take a look at the benefits you can expect from playing and studying this game:

    MahJong is an ancient Chinese game that is traditionally played by four players, who have to observe hundreds of sophisticated rules. What we offer here is the solitaire, tile-removal version of MahJong, as played online at the following Java site in the Netherlands: Gamegate.com

Note: MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition is currently available in seven different languages: Italian flag_it, Dutch flag_nl, Romanian flag_ro, and Swedish flag_se, besides of English, German, and Spanish.

Latest news:
In our Partner Studio, Fine ART Studio, Austria, we now offer the German version of MahJong 2000.

    To give you an impression of our initial version, we have done the following screen capture of the MahJong 2000 deck, only leaving out the side window:

MahJong deck

    The Rules: As you know, spiritual beings prefer to follow the original roar that has started this Universe and so, in MahJong 2000, there is only ONE rule left: see, if you can WIN, or reach a high percentage, at least.

    Actual Play: The aim is to remove the tiles from the deck by selecting free pairs of tiles that either show the same face or belong to the same suit, as in the case of Seasons and Flowers. In MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition you also can select Automatic Play to see how the tile removal works.

    Studying: In MahJong 2000, the entire set of tiles is observable by means of an Info button and this way you can study how random selection distributes a number of objects, and which patterns develop under the wings of chance. Quite interesting it is also to investigate the dependencies amongst tiles and maybe develop a method that leads to an open path for a straight win.

    The advantages offered by our Luxury Edition are quite numerous: For an increase in User Friendliness, several options have been added to choose from:
MahJong mini
    1. Automatic Play.
    2. Freely selectable Information display.
    3. Free choice of an optional picture to be shown in the side window.
    4. Hundreds of wise sayings that comment the results achieved.
    5. Assistance switch, and a calendar for the user. Just in case...
    6. Support Button, in some of the newer versions.

    The only restriction refers to Screen Resolution, or the number of pixels to be displayed: 800 x 600, as well as 1024 x 768 are supported, while 640 x 480 was discarded, because of lack of space. The mini picture on the right gives an impression of the entire setup.
Mireille Kuroda
Since Raphael also wanted to have a copy of the picture used in the side window, we better provide the same here for anyone interested. At the same time, we express our thankfulness to Miss Mirei Kuroda of Japan and to her photographer for that lovely sight. Nice greetings to both of you.

Picture Source: "http://www.cool-babes.com/".

Note: The Free Download Procedure for the MahJong 2000 software package can also be reached from the top of this page.

Pavilion Bridge

This Pavilion Bridge of a Japanese Garden in
Hawaii serves as our gateway to new insights.

Enjoy the new millennium with our Luxury Games!

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bali painting

In order to remain happy with the games just downloaded, it is good practice to observe a few hints regarding their basic constellation. For that reason, we have setup a new branch of our Studio that offers various demos and additional information.

Note: That site is currently not available.

With successful strategies and tactics, you can make the day shine. Give it a try.

      Partner Studio:    Fine ART Studio, Austria

      Note: In that Studio we now offer the German version of MahJong 2000.

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