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Chuck Schuldiner
This is the first time since I've heard the news that I've been on the computer. I can see that news travels fast. Everyone knows by now. Also I want to thank all of you for your kind words of caring and support. So what do I have to add? We have lost an icon in the metal music world. More importantly, I have lost a good friend of many many years. He was born the same year as me and we had a lot in common. It's obvious that I played my best around him, somehow he brought out the sickest bass lines in me. He always pushed me to do more, think of more, pushing the boundaries and find the most innovative things...but to still keep it within the formula. I have lost an inspiration to my own personal musical quest, I will miss him forever. We were in the middle of doing the next record, and it's sad beyond belief that he never saw it to it's completion. We will try our best to finish it in his honor, but will never know if it lives up to his standards. That's the least we can do for someone who gave so much and cared so much about what he did and how it effected those who belived as well. Though I am glad in some small way the the suffering is over for him...that he would not be able to play his guitar again, reorganize his massive vinyl collection, work around the house, go to the beach, go to concerts...the things he loved to do. He didn't deserve a life without those things that made him who he was. Because he was, what he loved. He very much loved his family, never being too far away from his mother, father, his sister and his nephew. He loved animals and his pets were his family too. He loved the outdoors, barbeques, beaches, hikes, and canoeing took up a lot of time when we weren't writing new tunes. Of course he loved music, he made it his life...and we made it ours. It's true he had something very serious, and possibly something that would ultimately take him. But I want you to ignore all the rumors, all the hearsay, all the bullshit...and know that he never accepted his fate. He never gave up trying to overcome it. He went down swinging and was a true fighter until the end. He was told by his first doctor he didn't have long to live, so he went to another. When those doctors told him the same thing, he did it again - he went to find the answer he wanted, not the answer he was given. He traveled all over the country looking for someone to help in his fight. He wouldn't take no for an answer. His will to live was strengthened by the resolve of those around him. His family most of all who didn't hesitate to do what was neccessary for him. His friends who tried to pitch in whatever possible. And the fans and supporters all over the world, who's words and contributions kept the spark alive when things seemed the darkest. Be proud of his work, his heart still beats for us every time we listen to his songs, because his heart is in his work. Goodbye for a while Metal Brother, I'll miss you more than words can say.

Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 12:25:29 (EST)"
15 Dic - le notizie tristi sono arrivate all'accampamento del commando -

"Il nostro amico Chuck Schuldiner ha perso la battaglia per la sua vita."

Ralf, Mat, Achim e Stefan hanno conosciuto Chuck al Morissound Studios a Tampa in Florida nel 1999, dove hanno mixato il disco "Jaws Of Death".
Chuck stava registrando l' album dei Control Denied nello Studio 2.

"Siamo stati insieme per 2 settimane, abbiamo parlato di metal, di WWF, di MTV e di bevande. Lo ricorderemo come una grande icona del metal, un talento eccezionale e una persona molto gentile.
Vivrà per sempre - adios Chuck!"

Terribile! Non riesco a trovare altre parole. Terribile che se ne sia andato un grande come lui. Terribile, soprattutto, il modo in cui se n'è andato.
Abbiamo saputo della sua morte quando eravamo in tour ed abbiamo deciso di dedicargli non solo il concerto di quella sera, ma anche tutto il tour.
Era il minimo che potessimo fare per quello che lui ci ha dato e che ha dato al metal.
TRAVIS SMITH (autore delle copertine di The Sound Of Perseverance e The Fragile Art Of Existence):
12.17.01 Well it looks like the word is out and I guess everyone knows by now. The music world has lost a tremendous force, and the world has lost a great person. The irony of posting these thoughts on the "evilnet" is not lost on me, but I needed to get the thoughts out and posting them felt a little more like i was actually talking to someone.

Chuck, Thank you man. For your encouragement and friendship, bringing me into your "family", and making me a part of your quest and vision. We had some good talks and shared some good thoughts, and quite often, you made me think things differently and let me see a lot of things in a different light. You gave me a lot of perspective and always made me feel welcome and appreciated. My time with you seems quite short now but affected me quite a bit. You and the things you gave will be greatly missed. You never gave up. You never accepted this and you were strong and positive the whole time, which gave me the hope that made this so hard to accept.

So i just wanted to say goodbye for now.

You will always be heard. And hopefully we will get the chance to make you proud once again.

Find Peace, Brother. I'll miss you.

Also thoughts to Steve, Maria, and Jane, Who each in someway shared with me a part of Chuck, His music, and themselves. For a moment or for years. And who fought the fight with him.

December Seventeenth, Two Thousand and One
Questo sito è dedicato alla memoria di Chuck Schuldiner.

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