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I'm an avid roleplayer and a prolifically creative game master; GURPS® is the game system of my choice. I have been a tireless wargamer; Command Decision® was the rule set of my choice. I also feel this urge to share my creative efforts with all comers, so let's skip the introductions - you're here for the stuff, I guess,



P.S.: OK, I was told time and again this place was "dull" because text-only. So I gave up, and you're now getting a few specks of shiny colors; maybe I'll add some more pictures.


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Stuff I actually got paid for

...is not available here, of course! But I can steer you towards some tidbits, and maybe they'll whet your appetite. Some of this stuff may also be available for free, as a promotion for GURPS products. Go and see.


IT'S OUT! Yes, GURPS WWII: Grim Legions is being supplied to eager readers all over the world. It deals with Italy in WWII, covering all the usual ground of the WWII line nationbooks: history; unit organization from squad up, ranks, training, strategy, tactics; weaponry, vehicles, equipment and small arms; characters, with an Italian National Package of Advantages and Disadvantages; advice on customizing the corebook templates, and no less than three new templates; and plenty of info on campaigns, sample units, campaigning styles.

The book is in the new comic-book format with 48 pages.


F Published by Pyramid:

1. The Worst Tank Ever? - The CV3/35: A Despicable Piece of Armored Junk for the 30s

2. "They Shall Not Pass!" - The Spanish Civil War for GURPS Cliffhangers

3. The Debt Collectors - "Oh No, Here They Come Again!" (Supporting Cast)

4. Hunting the Griffins - Hunting Infiltrators in the Bulge and Elsewhere (Adventure Pizza)

5. Smugglers - Or, "Could You Please Open This Case, Sir?" (Appendix Z)

6. Election Day - Electoral Ideas for Fictional Democracies

7. Heresy! - Beware: It Can Happen in Any Campaign

8. Heat Wave - The Rookie Cops Begin

9. Red Tape Triumphant (Appendix Z)

10. Designer's Notes: GURPS WWII: Grim Legions

11. Well-meaning Nuisances (Supporting Cast)

12. Gaudeamus Igitur - Age and Society in Roleplaying. Part I - Childhood

13. Gaudeamus Igitur - Age and Society in Roleplaying. Part II - Youth

14. Harvest Festival - When Greenery is More Than Scenery


F Published by d20Weekly:

1. Chase! - Pursuing or Pursued, You Have to Move Fast

2. The Wrong Equation - Unusual Motives Make Memorable Characters



Fame and glory were my reward for this other stuff      

...since it was published either because the editor thought it was worth it - taking into account he wasn't giving me a dime - or because he took pity on my pathetical desire to be published. Most of this great stuff is only available "on paper", in every sense. However, here are a few pointers.

F Included in GURPS Magic Items 3 - a couple of gadgets and a Place of Power.

F Included in Historical Folks - several low-tech, low-glamor character templates and samples. This was a GURPS compilation book, but it was cancelled. The compiler put together a PDF file, that is now available for free.

F Published by Abanderado, available through MagWeb:

1. Fighting for Freedom in the Name of Garibaldi - The Garibaldi Battalion, October, 1936 to July, 1937

2. Guadalajara: the Defeat of Faulty Logistics

F Published by Rune - several articles in Italian, now sadly unavailable save this one:

1. La notte pił lunga (A generic thriller-like adventure for a medieval historical setting - the Baron is murdered during the winter solstice...)

F Published by Dadi & Piombo, available through D&P online:

1. Antichi alleati... nemici giurati (A historically accurate Command Decision scenario set in the Italian campaign - Italians fighting against Germans in 1944!)

F Available on the Command Decision site:

1. The Battle of Piedimonte (A historically accurate Command Decision scenario set in the Italian campaign- rag-bag German units try to delay the Poles)



Playtest Credits

My playtesting contributions were useful enough to bag me a free copy (signed by SJ himself, oh joy!) of:

GURPS Cabal, GURPS Cops, GURPS WWII, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross, GURPS WWII: Dogfaces, GURPS Age of Napoleon, GURPS WWII: Weird War II, GURPS WWII: All the King's Men.

I am also proud of having provided useful information or additional material for:

GURPS Cliffhangers, GURPS WWII: Return to Honor, GURPS WWII: Frozen Hell.



Current Projects

Check them out Here.



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