The Complete Video

In five acts:






The 19 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 :
    Incipit: Sinuhe introduces himself.

  • Chapter 2 :
    Death of King Amenemhat.

  • Chapter 3 :
    While on a war campaign,
    Sesostris is secretely informed of his father's death
    and flies back to Court.

  • Chapter 4 :
    Having discovered a conspiration
    the frightened Sinuhe decides to leave Egypt.

  • Chapter 5 :
    Sinuhe flies towards the eastern lands.
    Exhausted, thirsty, at the end of his strength
    he is on the verge of death.

  • Chapter 6 :
    He is rescued by a tribe of bedouins
    who assist him and give him hospitality.

  • Chapter 7 :
    Summoned by Amuneneshi, king of Retenu,
    Sinuhe tells him the story of his flight.

  • Chapter 8 :
    Amuneneshi asks Sinuhe about Egypt inner political situation.
    Sinuhe - diplomatically - tells him everything is all right
    and praises Sesostris' strength and goodness.

  • Chapter 9 :
    Amuneneshi invites Sinuhe to stay with him,
    gives him a rich land and makes him
    chief of one of his first-rate tribes.

  • Chapter 10 :
    Sinuhe - who has become strong and powerful -
    is indispensable for Amuneneshi
    who raises him to the rank of general of his army
    so that he may have under control
    the land and the warlike chiefs of his tribes.

  • Chapter 11 :
    Sinuhe is challenged to a duel
    by a champion of the bellicose chiefs of Retenu.

  • Chapter 12 :
    The duel.
    Sinuhe kills his challenger and gets his lands and goods.

  • Chapter 13 :
    Sinuhe sees in this victory a sign of divine favour
    and prays the God who led him astray
    to bring him back to Egypt.

  • Chapter 14 :
    Informed about Sinuhe's wishes
    Sesostris invites his former servant
    to come back to Egypt
    so that he can end his days, in peace,
    in his native land.

  • Chapter 15 :
    Full of gratitude
    Sinuhe sends a thankful message to Sesostris
    telling him that he accepts his magnanimous invitation.

  • Chapter 16 :
    Sinuhe resigns from his office,
    bequeaths his goods to his elder son
    and leaves Retenu for Egypt,
    where he reaches Sesostris' Court.

  • Chapter 17 :
    Sinuhe meets Sesostris,
    who wants to know the motives of his flight.
    Sinuhe can hardly explain
    and puts himself in his king's hands.

  • Chapter 18 :
    The young princesses try to soften the king's heart towards Sinuhe
    with a dance and a song in praise of Sesostris
    who lets himself be won.

  • Chapter 19 :
    Sinuhe is restored to his old rank,
    he obtains goods and benefits
    and lives in the king's favour
    for the rest of his life.