People generally say: "HOME SWEET HOME", but, you know, it isn’t always  like that…..

It’s very difficult to love the place where you live;
you often think that there’s certainly a special village,
or a special town for you, where you could live a perfect life…

These are different young’s thought about life-style: there’re people who love the country and nature, but there’re also those who prefer big cities!
And you… what do you think?
Why don’t you come on a journey around Tuscany?
It’s a virtual trip, a virtual journey in our local area and in our ways of living at the beginning of the third millennium…

 ….Are you ready?!?

Three, two, one….

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Sara Della Vista 2B/L


There aren’t many things to know about Cerretti, the small village where I live; and it’s also very difficult to say if I hate or love it!
Cerretti is a tiny village in the Tuscan country, located between the main street that connects Santa Maria aMonte with Staffoli. Cerretti has got a meeting place, the little square, the heart of the village, where there’s the Church, the elementary and the nursery school. In front of the square there’s a pizzeria and, not far here, there’ re two bars, where we can always see, in the morning and at night, many old people who spend here all their spare time playing cards and speaking among them. There are also two greengrocers where many people often go to buy food, newspapers and also all that we can use for the house. In short, beside some shops and factories, there are only houses and wide places with olive groves.  So, among the young people I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Cerretti: a pizzeria and two old bars aren’t enough for us, for the youngest. It’s very boring to stay there!!!
However I like nature and Cerretti is also a quiet and peaceful village, where nature is very nice: flowers, butterflies, woods and mushrooms are a typical landscape.   Actually, the origin of the name derives from trees called "Turkey oak" that were and still nowadays are quite common in this village. Trees look the only good things in Cerretti…… I’d like to move somewhere else, but maybe there isn’t any place where I’d like to go. I’m looking for a village where I can have good time with my friends, where I can find a lot of entertainments, but first I’d like to find some friendly people. I’m not very acquainted with the young people living in Cerretti… and it’s the main problem. So, I will continue to live there but I will have to try to make friends with them.

Sara Della Vista 2B/L


I live in Marti, in the centre of Tuscany, Italy. Marti is a small village. In this village everyone knows everyone else. Marti is situated in the council of Montopoli Val D’Arno. The most important event in Marti is "MARTINFIERA".
"Martinfiera" is the village fair which takes place the last Saturday of September. On that day all the village is excited and is full of people. In my opinion "Martinfiera" is the most interesting fair in the council, even if there is not a fun fair. The symbol of Marti is a castle and the official colours are red and white. Very probably the name of Marti derive from Mars.

Luca Catarinicchia 2B/L


Legoli is a small village , between Castelfalfi and Montefoscoli. Legoli is in the council of Peccioli ; it’s takes 10 minutes to go to Peccioli. In Legoli there is only one bar and one shop , it isn’t a beautiful village but it’s a very quiet Village because there isn’t much traffic. When a person comes to Legoli, he can visit an old church whose name is "tall church". The church is situated in the highest part of Legoli; when it’s summer, at night you can see the light of some cities, for example Pisa, Pontedera and Volterra. Also from the park you can see a wonderful view of the green hills. It’s a beautiful view!!!
I don’t like Legoli very much because there aren’t many shops, cinemas or sports facilities. 
I prefer living in big cities!!!

Sadouk Awatif 2B/L


Cucigliana, is a very beautiful village, with a lot of green areas but there aren’t many shops. We can do a lot of trips in its woods, it’s very beautiful to see and hear the animals !! We can also go for a walk in the village; here we can see a little but very nice church, with a little square with a statue in front of it. Near the church there is a football ground with a bar and a very nice bowling alley. Once a year there is a festival called "La Linguaccia" and I ‘m a waiter, It’s great fun!!

At this festival we can dance and eat because there is a restaurant and a dance-floor.

Andrea Bertoncini 2B/L



Hello!!! My name is SERENA and I live in Ponsacco near Pisa. It's big enough, in fact there are 14.000 inhabitants and it's called "La cittą del mobile" for its many artisans who work wood.
For us there is a cinema, many bars, a disco, some gyms with a swimming pool and two stadiums. Young people don't like their village because they always go to a town near Ponsacco, Pontedera. It's bigger and more beautiful than Ponsacco, there are many clothes-shops and video games halls. Everybody goes to secondary school here, because in my village there are only nursery schools and elementary schools! So Ponsacco isn't very lively in the afternoon and at night!!!
Notwithstanding my village is very important for me because I have grown up here and all my friends and my relatives live there.

Serena Riccetti 2^BL


The village where I live is called S.Maria a Monte and it’s near Pisa, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.
S. Maria a Monte is very small but it’s lovely, because it’s a quite and peaceful village. In fact, it is in the countryside and it’s very rich in woods and nature. In this village there are many small shops, especially food,clothes and shoes that are the most important industrial sector in Tuscany. But, S. Maria a Monte is not very full of playgrounds and young people haven’t many places to play-with the exception of a small sports ground-; they must meet at bars or in the square.
In fact,in my village there is an only one big square called Piazza della Vittoria, where a statue in the shape of a soldier is situated in memory of the fallen in the Second World War.
However S. Maria a Monte is lacking in architecture except for some churches, like San Giovanni Evangelista and Madonna delle Grazie that go back to the 14th century.
In May ,when we celebrate the Beata Diana’s day, in the village there’s a great feast and a lovely market with numerous artisan stalls. Besides many people come here to see the famous "Paniera’s procession" during which some young men and girls carry a flower’s basket in memory of Beata Diana’s miracle.

Elisa Capobianco 2B/L

My town is called s. Maria a Monte and it’s a small village near Pisa. I like it because it’s peaceful and calm and there is no traffic. There are many places and bars where young people can stay and play together, and there are also many small shops of food and the middle of the town there is the most important square called Piazza della Vittoria, where there is an important monument dedicated to the soldiers that, during the second world war were killed to save the country. Finally every year, in my town is celebrated a particular procession where some girls take a large basket of flowers. This procession is dedicated to Beata Diana, the patron saint of S. Maria a Monte.



There are not many things to say about S. Donato, a small village in the province of Pisa, which has a population of about four thousand people.
In S. Donato there are not many places where to meet, apart from a square, a little square where you can find a church, a greengrocer's, a baker's, a hair stylist, and two bars where instead people usually meet. Actually in the two bars , young, and especially old people, spend some of their spare time talking and joking between friends or playing cards.
In S. Donato, there's also a football ground and a volleyball ground where children go and play with their friends. Children always find a way of having fun!! For the youngest, instead, is more difficult. In my village people spend their free time like this. According to me it's a little bit boring village!!! S. Donato is so tiny that there are not enough places for young people, there are no pubs, pizzerias, discos or any other places where young people usually meet.
However S. Donato is quiet, surrounded by nature and from this point of view it's a nice village. Not far from S. Donato there's the famous river Arno. In 1966 the river burst the banks and he provoked a terrible flood in Pisa, Florence, in many other little villages and also in S. Donato. This event remained in the history of my village. From what I've written, it's easy to understand that I don't love my village so much as the main problem is that I don't have many friends so for me it's difficult to live there.

Maria Elisa Noviello 2B/L


We live in Cascina, in the province of Pisa. We don’t like it very much because there aren’t many places to meet our friends. Cascina is an old city and it’s called "the furniture city" because it has always had a big production of furniture. We usually meet in a sports ground in the outskirts, there we play volleyball and we talk with our friends about music, singers, TV and young people’s things. In Cascina there’s a video-games hall (but we never go there), a library, some bars, some restaurants and, in the main street, there are some shops.

Comparato Denise, Lo Piccolo Gianni 2BL

P.S. To all the readers of Y2K

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