The big brother is by now very famous all over the world. This programme was broadcasted in America first, then in Spain, in Holland and at last in Italy too.
The show is set in a house, with no television, watches or telephones. Ten people have to stay closed for three months in this house without seeing any of their friends, or relatives, or even. The most important and curious thing is that the house is full of cameras everywhere!
These cameras film the people twenty-four hours on twenty-four.
Every week the participants must pass a proof: make a drawing, answer to test etc…
Every two weeks, according to the preferences of the audience, one person goes away from the house; then, at last, the person who remains in the house wins 250.000.000 millions.
In Italy this show is involving everybody, especially the youngest. Everybody speaks about this programme, in every show on television, even on television news, on the papers and on the Internet.
In Italy the ten people who play this programme are five women and five men. These people have different personalities and their behaviours in the house are the object of some show on television, while they live an important and singular experience of life.
Certainly this programme is one of the bigger products of the mass media, and it arouses a big interest in the audience. But the question is always alive why the audience is so interested in watching the private moments of life of somebody else?

Perhaps we are only too curious!

Giulia Terreni 3^ BL

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