Holland has become the first country in the world to legalise euthanasia

Would you welcome a similar law in your country?

Is it right to kill someone because he might have said he would not want to live in a dependent state? Is it right to kill someone because he is disabled? No one has the right to judge that another’s life is not worth living. People want to escape from the prison of life, when life becomes slave of illness. Manuela

I’m in favour of euthanasia and I think it should be legalised because, first of all, every person must have the freedom to decide about his/her life; another point in favour is that to live in sufferings, without any hope is useless. Chiara

Life is a precious gift, we have to make every efforts possible to preserve life but also to relieve pains is important. I think that keeping people alive when their conditions are surely terminal is cruel but on the other hand it’s not right to end someone’s life. There aren’t correct answers to this question but only different opinions. Erica

I think that if an ill person has no hope to recover, doctors can perform euthanasia. I think it is so agonising watching a person you love die. Euthanasia can’t be liked to murder, it is a crime keeping people alive when they are in pain!Veronica

Someone says euthanasia is immoral and not ethical, because it’s just like an assisted murder; but isn’t it perhaps more immoral to let a person suffer, when we could avoid it?I think the person’s will has to be respected and overall, also his/her dignity. I don’t think life has to be lived anyway, and anywhere; in fact, when it isn’t anymore dignified or "desired", it hasn’t to be an obligation or a debt to pay. Life is a good thing, of course, because it’s sacred. But also dignity should be sacred for everybody (from doctors, to relatives, to the catholic culture).  Federica

No one has the right to take off the life of his fellow men. Doctors have the duty to assist the patient as better as possible. I’m against euthanasia maybe because I’m religious, I believe in God and I wouldn’t welcome a similar law in my country. However, it’s true that it’s a person’s ultimate right to decide how they want to die. Melania

I’m catholic and I think only God can decide about people’s life. And yet I recognise that in some cases euthanasia is useful for the ill, because it can help him to relieve pain. If God has not decided to take that person with him, why should you do that?  Irene

Every time I think about those people who are in a hospital bed, without speaking, without laughing, alive just thanks to some machines I realise that nothing except death could really save them. The choice between putting an end to the sufferings of a person you love and the hope that person could awake from a coma or could recover from a terminal illness is very difficult and nobody would ever want to find himself to make this choice. There’s a feeling of love that can’t decide to kill the loved person. I think in this case you want to try everything possible to save her/him. So I can’t say if I’m for or against euthanasia, and I think I wouldn’t be able to decide about the life or the death of somebody I love. Annalisa

I’m against euthanasia because I think even if a patient is suffering, only God can decide if he or she has or not to die in that moment. Melissa

I’m totally against euthanasia, because I think we can’t judge when a person can die. Only God can decide when life ends.  Cristina

It’s very difficult to say if I am for or against euthanasia; to choose between life and death is hard. Only those who have been suffering know what it means. It is such a serious matter! I find it hard to express an opinion. Luna

If a patient decides to end his life because of his terrible pains, we must accept his will, because everyone has power on his life but s/he can’t if the law forbids it. In my opinion, we mustn’t decide for the others, instead, even if we love them and we can’t see them suffer. Only God has the power to take off someone’s. Elena

I think euthanasia is a good thing if you can choose it yourself in the case of a terminal illness and all hope of survival has gone. If I had a terminal illness I would like to have the right to choose when I want to die. But in case a person in my family had an accident and he were in a coma, I don’t think it would be right to end his life. People are in coma for years and then they awake and start to live again  Chiara

I don’t know if I agree or disagree with euthanasia; it all depends on circumstances. Probably only God can choose when and how life ends. Maybe if I was ill I would prefer to stop suffering and so I would ask doctors to let me die. It isn’t selfishness, I have a weak character and probably I wouldn’t be able to tackle this traumatic situation. Perhaps I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. People in coma can’t decide and nobody has the right to choose for them. Many people instead ask directly to die and it is right to respect their decisions. The decision to end one’s life should be left to the individual. Anyway euthanasia should be legalised; in this way those who want to stop suffering can do it without being condemned. Nicoletta

I don’t agree with euthanasia. it’s not nice to see a person suffering in extreme pain when there is technically no hope of recovery, but we can never say: sometimes people who were technically dead woke up again; I know at that point then life would be just a hell anyway, but I think only God can decide the time of death, and we have to submit to his will, which also could be to test us. Diletta

On this days everybody is talking about euthanasia. Yesterday I was watching Tv and a famous Italian journalist (Indro Montanelli) was talking about it and he said that the Netherlands must be very proud because they have shown to know the real sense of humanity going against utopias and hypocrisies. I agree with him. I feel a strong sense of anger when I hear sentences like "life has been given to us by God and He is the one who can decide..." I can’t look at my life in this prospective, I think that people should be more rational. Everybody should try hard to feel good and live at his/her best. Death is simply the last stage of life. Most of us can’t decide when and how to die, but when not one condition of life could any longer be endurable, the patient must be free to decide between continuing suffering or giving up. I think that if everybody could choose his death, we all would choose a dignified death. I think that everybody over 16 must express if s/he wants to live or to die, in case of a terminal illness. Many times people refuse to talk about it and this is hypocrisy. I think that everybody feels inside what to do. The most "unlucky" ones are children; in those crueller cases, it’s the parents who have to decide. As for the doctors’ profession, I don’t think at all that if they perform euthanasia they have "a licence to kill"; they just have to perform it, they have studied to relieve pain, they know what they have to do. Consuelo


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