Amnesty International is a world wide voluntary human rights movement that works for the releasing of prisoners of coscience. This movement is impartial and it is independent of any government, political persuasion or religious creed.

It was founded in 1961 by a London lawyer ,Peter Benenson, that read about two Portuguese students who were arrested and imprisoned for 7 years because they had raised a toast to "freedom" in a public restaurant.

This incident prompted Peter Benenson to launch an organization for helping all the people who were imprisoned or tortured because they had expressed their mind about their religion, race, color or national origin.

The symbol for Amnesty International is a candle in barbed wire .Peter Benenson chose this symbol because he was inspired by an ancient Chinese proverb: "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".

We have recently been to a meeting for human rights and for the defeating of poverty, held in Florence.. A lot of important people took part to this meeting, like Claudio Martini, the president of the Tuscany Country Council, Leonardo Domenici, the mayor of Florence, Antonello Venditti, a very famous singer, and many others.

There was Rocco Barnabei’ s mother too and Claudio Martini delivered her a collection of signatures against the death penalty.

We believe that Amnesty International is very important to help people and to let everybody know about human rights. We hope that you will support this movement because it helps many people and it will go on just with our help!


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