1798 - 1832

1798 = Publication of the Lyrical Ballads
1832= First Reform Bill

---------> superiority of feelings over reason

___________________________________MEANING: ·The word Romantic =
-Typical of the old medieval romances;
-means: unreal, unreasonable, exaggerated, morbid;
-characterized by feelings, not by reason (loneliness, melancholy)
-first Romantic movement was born in Germany in 1770

--> Sturm- und-Drang (Shiller, Goethe)

____________________MOST IMPORTANT AUTHORS:

He can be considered as the first Romantic Poet, for he was the first to deal with

the typically Romantic themes.

-First and Second Generation of Romantic Poets
First Generation:
at first they followed the ideals of the French Revolution, then they abandoned them; importance of Nature and Imagination;

Second Generation:
they kept the ideals of the French Revolution; importance of Beauty, Love, Freedom, Social concern;
All of them died tragically while young.
-The Romantic poets' individualism was also reflected in their isolating themselves from society:
Isolation in Nature -->(Lake District) Wordsworth, Coleridge;
Revolt against the Establishment --> Blake
-Exile from England --> Byron, Shelley
Interest in the history and folklore of the Middle Ages (magic and mistery) --> Keats
Hellenism (Love for classical themes) --> Keats
Exoticism (attraction for distant lands, usually more imaginary than real) -->
Byron, Coleridge

The Romantic novel - a less important genre than poetry at the time - is represented by Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen.


-The poet's mission:
-The poet was a solitary man speaking to other men of what they couldn't see.

-Role of the Imagination (Fancy, Fantasy):
-Interaction between the human mind and the physical world.

Romantic Themes:
-Love for nature
-Glorification of the commonplace
-Tension towards the ideal

-Irrational dimension (Interest in the supernatural)
-Dream and hallucination
-Madness and insanity

-The dark hero
-Superiority of feelings over reason