I have a hobby


Many years ago I looked for a nice, amusing and cheap hobby. My purpose was to meet people around the world who can help me in my project without spending money. In other words, I started:

To Collect sands


In 30 years I have collected 1065 different sand samples from 193 different countries till March 25th 2015, with the aid of many friends like you.


I own sands coming from wonderful and out-of-the-way places: here you can see my treasure!


My collection is composed by sand and ground samples from all the countries recognised by the ONU. I lack the sand coming from 4 Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: fornouveau territories, hard to be reached. I would like to receive samples from all over the world, also from the same place I visited if the sand has different colours compared to mine.



Are you a traveller?


Are you leaving for an out of ordinary trip? Before doing it have a look at the list of wishing countries lacking me and send me an e-mail to the following address (mailto:belpao@tin.it). In case you couldn’t contact me before the departure since you have no time, can you please fill in one or two film canisters with the sand for me and when you will be back, get in touch with me.

If you haven't time since you are making luggages, don't worry, go happy and when you’ll arrive take on 1-2 film canisters full of sand for me (lake, desert, beach, river, earth, no matter where). At your return, being over the jet lag, write me.


Are you a collector?

I would like to come in contact with you, please write me. I have a lot of samples to swap


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E-mail: belpao@tin.it