khalchayan Khalchayan. Arte e architettura.; ... - 1st century BC-1st century AD Khalchayan. Курильница. 1st-2nd centuries AD Kampyr-tepa. Fragment of sculpture. 1st-2nd centuries AD Kampyr-tepa. ...; - ... New Finds of Pre-Kushan and Early Kushan Plastic Art in Northern Bactria and Khalchayan Figurative Complex, Kazim Abdullaev (Institute of Archaeology, ...; Khalchayan. Arte antica e archeologia.; - Between 1959 and 1963, archeological investigations of a small Kushan palace or reception hall (1st century AD) took place in Khalchayan in the ancient ...; Khalchayan East Line Tour Travel Agency located in ... - A settlment site with a scattered layout on the right bank of the Surkhandarya river in 10 km to the north-east of the present-day town of Denau.; ... - There is evident iconographic similarity of certain Khalchayan personages and the portraits on the obverse of Sogdian coins with archer representation. ...; - On the Surkhandarya territory the archeologists excavated several sites of ancient settlement, such as Khalchayan, Zartepa, Fayaztepa, Airtam, which are the ...; - ... first centuries AD Development of the female lutanist in details similar with the Great Bactrian Goddess and Khalchayan bas - relief can draw attention. ...; ... edited by V. Gaibov; K. Abdullaev, New finds of Pre-Kushan and Early Kushan Plastic Art in Northern Bactria and the Khalchayan Reliefs; M. Alram, ...;




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Kujula Kadphises/'Heraios' Comparisons. East Asian Art & Archaeology - Newsletter. Untitled Document 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Next page Kampyr-tepa . San'at :: Coroplastics of East Kashkadrya in the Antique Period. Old Termez Khalchayan East Line Tour Travel Agency located in . Ancient Termez --- Sairam Tourism. Khalchayan. British Academy - After Alexander: Central Asia Before Islam . Khalchayan. LIBRAWEB.
KHALCHAYAN- khalchayan