LA N.A.T.O. (Oggi)

(North Atlantic Treaty Organization)


NATO Headquarters (Brussels, BELGIO)

NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control Staff

Office of the Financial Controller - FINCON

Office of the Chairman of the Senior Resource Board - SRB

Office of the Chairman of the Civil and Military Budget Committees - CBC/MBC

International Board of Auditors for NATO - IBAN

NATO Production and Logistics Organizations - NPLO

Permanent Representatives and National Delegations (Brussels, BELGIO)

International Staff - IS (Brussels, BELGIO)

Private Office - PO

Political Affairs and Security Policy Division

            Partnership for Peace Documentation Centre

Operations Division

            Civil Emergency Planning

            Euro Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre - EADRCC

            NATO Situation Centre

Emerging Security Challenges Division

            Science for Peace and Security

Defence Policy and Planning Division

            NATO Liason Office Ukraine-Overview - NLO

Defence Investment Division

            Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Ammunition Storage Training Team

            The Group of National Directors on Codification

                        NATO Codification System

            The NATO Army Armaments Group - NAAG

            The NATO Naval Armaments Group - NNAG

            The NATO Air Forces Armaments Group - NAFAG

            The CNAD (Conference of National Armament Director) Ammunition Safety Group

            Lyfe Cicle Management Group

            NATO Industrial Advisory Group - NIAG

Public Diplomacy Division

            NATO Multimedia Library

            Fellowship and Sponsorship Programmes

            NATO Information and Documentation Centre (Kiev, UKRAINA)

            NATO Information Office (Mosca, RUSSIA)

            Allied Contact Point in Partner Countries

Executive Management


           Recruitment Service

           NATO Internship Programme

NATO Office of Resources - NOR

NATO Office of Security - NOS


The Military Committee - MC (Brussels, BELGIO)

International Military Staff - IMS (Brussels, BELGIO)

Plans and Policy Division

Operations Divisions

Intelligence Divisions

Cooperation and Regional Security Division

Logistics, Armaments and Resources Division

NATO Situation Centre

Financial Controller

NATO Headquarters Consultation, Control and Communications Staff

Partner Country Rapresentation

NATO Training Group - NTG (Norfolk, STATI UNITI)

            Army Sub Group - ASG

            Navy Sub Group - NSG

            Air Force Sub Group - AFSG

            Joint Services Sub Group - JSSG

            Financial Sub Group - FSG

Committee of Women in NATO Forces

NATO Military Audiovisual Working Group


Supreme Headquarter Allied Power Europe - SHAPE (Mons, BELGIO)

Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command "BRUNSSUM" (Brunssum, PAESI BASSI)

Headquarters Allied Force Command "HEIDELBERG" (Heidelberg, GERMANIA)

            Immediate Response Force (13.000 Effettivi)

Headquarters Allied Maritime Command "NORTHWOOD" (Northwood, GRAN BRETAGNA)

            Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 - SNMG1 (Cacciatorpediniere "ANDREA DORIA", 2 Cacciatorpediniere, 1 Fregata, 1 Rifornitore)

            Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 - SNMCMG1 (1 Cacciamine, 1 Nave Appoggio)

            Commander Submarines Allied Naval Forces "NORTH" - COMSUBNORTH

            Commander Maritime Air Allied Naval Forces "NORTH" - COMMARAIRNORTH

            NATO Shipping Centre - NSC

Headquarters Allied Air Command "RAMSTEIN" (Ramstein, GERMANIA)

            16 Cacciabombardieri, 16 Caccia Intercettori, 6 Caccia Ricognitori, 6 UAV, 3 Aerei AEW, 1 Aereo EW, 4 Aerei Combat SAR, 2 Aerocisterne

Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command "NAPLES" (Capodichino, ITALIA)

Headquarters Allied Force Command "MADRID" (Madrid, SPAGNA)

Headquarters Allied Maritime Command "NAPLES" (Capodichino, ITALIA)

            Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 - SNMG2 (2 Fregate)

            Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 - SNMCMG2 (4 Cacciamine, 1 Nave Appoggio)

Headquarters Allied Air Command "IZMIR" (Izmir, TURCHIA)

Joint Headquarters "SOUTHCENTRE" - JHQ SOUTHCENT (Larissa, GRECIA)


            Kosovo Force (10.000 Effettivi)

NATO Headquarters "SKOPJE" - NHQSK (Skopje, MACEDONIA)

Military Accession Integration Liaison Team "TIRANA" - MAIL-T (Tirana, ALBANIA)

Military Liaison Office "BELGRADO" - MLO (Belgrado, SERBIA)

Joint  Headquarters "LISBON" (Oeiras, PORTOGALLO)

Deployable Immediate Reaction Forces - IRF

Headquarters Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps - ARRC (Rheindalen, GERMANIA)

Headquarters Eurocorps (Strassbourg, FRANCIA)

Multinational Corps "NORTHEAST" (Szczecin, POLONIA)

Headquarters Rapid Deployable German-Netherland Corps (Munster, GERMANIA)

Headquarters Rapid Deployable French Corps (Lille, FRANCIA)

Headquarters Rapid Deployable Spanish Corps (Valencia, SPAGNA)

Headquarters Rapid Deployable Italian Corps (Solbiate Olona, ITALIA)

Headquarters Rapid Deployable Turkish Corps (Istanbul, TURCHIA)

NATO Deployable Corps (Thessaloniki, GRECIA)

Immediate Reaction Forces (Maritime) - IRF(M)

The Reaction Forces (Air) Staff - RF(A)S (Kalkar, GERMANIA)

Naval Striking and Support Force NATO - STRIKFORNATO (Capodichino, ITALIA)

6th U.S. Fleet (Gaeta, ITALIA)

Standing Naval Forces "CHANNEL" - STANAVFORCHAN (Portsmouth, GRAN BRETAGNA)

Standing Naval Forces "MEDITERRANEAN" - STANAVFORMED (Capodichino, ITALIA)

Standing Naval Forces "ATLANTIC" - STANAVFORLANT (Norfolk, STATI UNITI)

Headquarters Combined Air Operations Centres - CAOC HQ

Combined Air Operation Centre 3 (Finderup, DANIMARCA)

Combined Air Operation Centre 4 (Uedem, GERMANIA)

            Deployable CAOC

Combined Air Operation Centre 5 (Poggio Renatico, ITALIA)

            Deployable CAOC

Combined Air Operation Centre 7 (Larissa, GRECIA)

NATO Airborne Early Warning Force - NAEWF (Geilenkirken, GERMANIA) - 12 Aerei AWACS

NATO Programming Centre - NPC (Glons, BELGIO)


Headquarter Supreme Allied Commander Transformation - HQ SACT (Norfolk, STATI UNITI)

Joint Warfare Centre - JWC (Stavanger, NORVEGIA)

NATO Joint Force Training Centre - JFTC (Bydgoszcz, POLONIA)

NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre - NMIOTC (Suda, GRECIA)

NATO Undersea Research Centre - NURC (La Spezia, ITALIA)

NATO School (Oberammergau, GERMANIA)

Joint Analysis and Lesson Learned Centre - JALLC (Monsanto, PORTOGALLO)






Senior NATO Logisticians Conference - SNLC

NATO Maintenance and Supply Organisation - NAMSO

The NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency - NAMSA

The NATO Airlift Management Agency - NAMA

NATO Pipeline System - NPS

Central Europe Pipeline System - CEPS

NATO Pipeline Committee - NPC

The Central Europe Pipeline Management Agency - CEPMA

The Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO - COMEDS

Produzione Logistica

Conference of National Armaments Directors - CNAD

NATO Medium Extended Air Defence System Design and Development, Production and Logistic Management Agency - NAMEADSMA

NATO EF 2000 and TORNADO Development Production and Logistic Management Agency - NETMA

NATO Helicopter Design and Development Production and Logistic Management Agency - NAHEMA

NATO HAWK Management Office - NHMO


The NATO Standardisation Organization - NSO

NATO Committee for Standardisation - NCS

Office for NATO Standardisation - ONS

NATO Standardisation Agency - NSA

Pianificazione dell'Emergenza Civile

Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee - SCEPC

Civil Emergency Planning Boards and Committees

Euro Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre - EADRCC

Gestione Traffico Aereo e Difesa Aerea

The NATO Air Traffic Management Committee - NATMC

The NATO Air Defence Committee - NADC

Military Committee Air Defence Study Working Group - MC-ADSWG

NATO Air Command and Control System (ACCS) Management Organisation - NACMA

            Strategic Commanders Cell

            Project Management Division

            Planning & Architecture Division

            Support Division

NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency - NAGSMA

Allarme Aereo Avanzato - AEW

The NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Organisation - NAPMO

Comunicazioni e Sistemi Informativi

NATO C3 Organisation

NATO CIS Service Agency - NCSA

NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency - NC3A

NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control Staff - NHQC3S

The NATO Frequency Management SubCommittee - FMSC

Frequency Management Cooperation in NATO

NATO Headquarters Information System Service - ISS

Guerra Elettronica - EW

NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee - NEWAC


Military Committee Meteorological Group - MCMG

Oceanografia Militare

The Military Oceanography (MILOC) Group

Ricerca e Tecnologia

Research and Tecnology Organisation - RTO

Educazione e Addestramento

NATO Defence College - NDC (Roma, ITALIA)

NATO Communications and Information Systems School - NCISS (Latina, ITALIA)

Comitati Progetti Guida/Uffici Progetti

Alliance Ground Surveillance Capability Provisional Project Office - AGS/PPO

Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System - BICES

NATO Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support Office - CALS

NATO FORACS (Naval Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Sites) Office

Munitions Safety Information Analysis Centre - MSIAC

Centri di Eccellenza (Perfezionamento) accreditati NATO

Centre of Exellence for Analysis and Simulation for the Preparation of Air Operations - CASPOA (Lyon, Francia)

Centre of Exellence for Civil Military Cooperation - CIMIC COE (Enschede, PAESI BASSI)

Centre of Exellence for Cold Weather Operations - CWO COE (Bodo, NORVEGIA)

Centre of Exellence for Combined Joint Operations from the Sea - CJOS COE (Norfolk, STATI UNITI)

Centre of Exellence for Command and Control - C2 COE (Utrecht, PAESI BASSI)

Centre of Exellence for Cooperative Cyber Defence - (Tallin, ESTONIA)

Centre of Exellence Counter Improvised Explosive Devices - C-IED COE (Madrid, SPAGNA)

Centre of Exellence for Defence Against Terrorism - DAT COE (Ankara, TURCHIA)

Centre of Exellence for Human Intelligence - HUMINT COE (Oradea, ROMANIA)

Centre of Exellence for Joint Air Power Competence - JAPCC (Kalkar, GERMANIA)

Centre of Exellence for Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence - JCBRND COE (Vyskov, CECHIA)

Centre of Exellence for Military Engineering - MILENG COE (Ingolstadt, GERMANIA)

Centre of Exellence for Military Medical - MILMED COE (Bud, UNGHERIA)

Centre of Exellence for Naval Mine Warfare - NMW COE (Oostende, BELGIO)

Centre of Exellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters - CSW COE (Kiel, GERMANIA)

Centre of Exellence for Mountain Warfare - MW COE (Lubliana, SLOVENIA)

Centre of Exellence for Explosive Ordnance Disposal - EOD COE (Trencin, SLOVACCHIA)

Centre of Exellence for Military Police - MP COE (in costituzione, Minsk Mazowiecki , POLONIA)

Centre of Exellence for Modelling and Simulation - M&S COE (in costituzione, Roma, ITALIA)


Albania: Tirana, 4.250.000 abitanti, 28.748 kmq

Belgio: Brussels, 10.800.000 abitanti, 30.528 kmq

Bulgaria: Sofia, 7.600.000 abitanti, 110.910 kmq

Canada: Ottawa, 33.550.000 abitanti, 9.984.670 kmq

Cechia : Praga, 10.450.000 abitanti, 78.866 kmq

Croazia: Zagreb, 4.500.000 abitanti, 56.542 kmq

Danimarca: Copenaghen, 5.450.000 abitanti, 44.479 kmq (+ Groenlandia: 60.000 abitanti, 2.175.600 kmq)

Estonia: Tallin, 1.350.000 abitanti, 45.227 kmq

Francia: Parigi, 64.500.000 abitanti, 543.965 kmq (+ Territori d'Oltremare: 131.452 kmq)

Germania: Berlino, 82.250.000 abitanti, 357.021 kmq

Gran Bretagna: London, 57.300.000 abitanti, 244.893 kmq

Grecia: Atene, 11.250.000 abitanti, 131.990 kmq

Islanda: Reykjavik, 320.000 abitanti, 103.000 kmq

Italia: Roma, 63.250.000 abitanti, 301.336 kmq

Lettonia (Latvia): Riga, 2.275.000 abitanti, 64.589 kmq

Lituania: Vilnius, 3.400.000 abitanti, 65.200 kmq

Lussemburgo: Luxembourg, 485.000 abitanti, 2.586 kmq

Norvegia: Oslo, 4.800.000 abitanti, 385.252 kmq

Paesi Bassi: Amsterdam, 16.500.000 abitanti, 41.526 kmq

Polonia: Warsaw, 38.150.000 abitanti, 312.679 kmq

Portogallo: Lisbona, 10.700.000 abitanti, 92.345 kmq

Romania: Bucuresti, 22.500.000 abitanti, 238.391 kmq

Slovacchia: Bratislava, 5.500.000 abitanti, 49.035 kmq

Slovenia: Ljubljana, 2.050.000 abitanti, 20.273 kmq

Spagna: Madrid, 46.100.000 abitanti, 505.954 kmq

Stati Uniti d'America: Washington D.C., 306.000.000 abitanti, 9.826.630 kmq

Turchia: Ankara, 71.550.000 abitanti, 783.562 kmq

Ungheria: Budapest, 10.050.000 abitanti, 93.030 kmq



Austria: Vienna, 8.400.000 abitanti, 83.872 kmq

Bielorussia: Minsk, 9.700.000 abitanti, 207.600 kmq

Bosnia e Erzegovina: Sarajevo, 4.000.000 di abitanti, 51.197 kmq

Finlandia: Helsinki, 5.350.000 abitanti, 338.145 kmq

Georgia: Tbilisi, 4.750.000 abitanti, 69.700 kmq

Irlanda (Eire): Dublino, 6.000.000 di abitanti, 81.638 kmq

Macedonia: Skopje, 2.050.000 abitanti, 25.333 kmq

Malta: La Valletta, 425.000 abitanti, 316 kmq

Moldova: Chisinau, 4.150.000 abitanti, 33.846 kmq

Montenegro: Podgorica, 700.000 abitanti, 13.812 kmq

Serbia: Belgrado, 7.450.000 abitanti, 88.361 kmq

Svezia: Stockholm, 9.250.000 abitanti, 449.964 kmq

Svizzera: Berna, 7.700.000 abitanti, 41.284 kmq

Ukraina: Kiev, 46.250.000 abitanti, 603.628 kmq