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Ave! This section will welcome every MIDI version of Early Music works. Notice that every and each MIDI file that appears here has been created by our members (The Orfeides). They can't be used in other sites unless the Author of each file agrees to. Feel free to download it for personal use ! Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of files offered, I have had to cut Steven's interesting remarks about each of them - hence, if you ever need any comment or information about the pieces, do not hesitate to write to the Moderator or to the Co-Moderator. We will be glad to inform you about them :)

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Johann Ernst Altenburg (1734 - 1801) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Concerto à VII Clarini con Tympani

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia and Choral "Derselbe mein Herr"

-Sonatina from "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit" BWV 106

-Sinfonia to "Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir" BWV 29

Adriano Banchieri (Bologna) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- "L'organistina Bella" In Echo (Canzona alla Francese)

- "La Battaglia" à 8 - Concerto Primo

Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644 - 1704)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata Sancti Polycarpi (à 9 voci)

- Sonata à 7

- Sonata Pro Tabula (with repeats)

Antoine de Brumel (1475 - 1520)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Noe, Noe, Noe !

Heinrich (?) Brückner (? - ? ; XVII c.)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata à 4

Antoine Busnois (1430 - d Bruges, 1492)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Noel, Noel, Noel !

Dietrich Buxtehude (1637?-1707)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia from the Cantata BuxWV 33

-Sonata from Cantata Jubilate Domino

-Sonata from mottetto Benedicam Dominum in omni tempore

- First Sinfonia from BuxWV 51 "Ihr Lieben Christen"

- Second Sinfonia from BuxWV 51 "Ihr Lieben Christen"

- Aria from BuxWV 107 - "Wenn ich, Herr Jesu, habe dich" (For Alto)

- Aria from BuxWV 116 - "Auf! Stimmet die Saiten" (For 2 altos)

Josquin Desprès (1440-1521)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- La Déploration sur la morte de Ockeghem

John Dowland (1563 - 1626)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

-Time Stands Still

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583 -1643) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Se l'aura spira (Original Key)

- Se l'aura spira (Lower Key)

Johann Joseph Fux (b. 1660, Hirtenfeld, Styria; d. 1741, Vienna) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Essay and assorted midi files - by Steven Langley Guy

- Sonatina from Missa Corporis Christi

Andrea Gabrieli (1510 - 1586)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Kyrie à 5

Giovanni Gabrieli (1553 - 1612)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- "Deus qui beatum Marcum" à 10

- "In Ecclesiis" à 14

- "Lieto Godea" à 8

- "Omnes Gentes" à 16

- "Surrexit Christus" à 11

- Canzon La Spiritata à 4

- Sonata Pian e Forte à 8 (from Sacrae Symphoniae)

- Canzon Duodecimi Toni à 10 (from Sacrae Symphoniae)

- Canzon Septimi Octavi Toni à 12 (from Sacrae Symphoniae)

- Canzon Quarti Toni à 15 (from Sacrae Symphoniae)

- Canzon I à 5 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Canzon II à 6 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Canzon III à 6 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Canzon XVI à 12 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Sonata XVIII à 14 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Sonata XX à 22 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

- Sonata XXI à 3 (from Canzoni et Sonate)

Georg Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
(From Flavio Ferri Benedetti "Senesino")

- Mi Palpita il Core - Cantata for Alto, Traverso and Continuo

-Accurate Midi with Full Instrmentation
-Faithful and Poetical Translation by Senesino
-Rich Continuo Line, with Senesino's Development
-Complete and Correct Lyrics, included in the TXT file

- Ouverture
- From Tolomeo, Re D'Egitto

"S'apre al riso" Morgana's aria from Atto I (Alcina)

- "Questo è il cielo de' contenti" - Chorus from Atto I (Alcina)

- Ballet from the First Act (Four Movements) (From Alcina)

Georg Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Ouverture from Messiah

- L'empio, Sleale, L'indegno ! (Tolomeo, From "Cesare in Egitto")

- L'empio, Sleale, L'indegno ! (Very Staccato Version !)

- Empio Diró tu Sei ! (Cesare, From "Cesare in Egitto")

- Ombra Mai Fu (Midi Karaoke)

- Sinfonia from Act II, Scene II of Giulio Cesare

- "Par che mi nasca in seno" - Irene's aria from "Tamerlano"

- Harp Concerto | First Mov - Second Mov - Third Mov

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)
(From Eric Lam)

Sinfonia to Hasse's opera Arminio

I. Allegro e con spirito-Lento

II. Alla Polacca

III. Allegro assai

- Aria "Di quello ch'io provo" from "Ruggiero" (1770)

Johann Kaspar Kerll (1627 - 1693) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- "Kyrie Eleison" from Missa à 3 Cori

Sebastian Knüpfer (1633 - 1676)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia from Cantata "Ach Herr, strafe mich nicht"

- Sonata from Cantata "Machet die Tore weit"

- Sinfonia from Cantata "Was mein Gott will"

Johann Kuhnau (? - ?) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata from Cantata "Wenn ihr fröhlich seid"

Orlando di Lasso (1532 - 1594)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- 'O occhi, manza mia'

Giovanni Legrenzi (1626 - 1690) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata "La Buscha" - Libro Terzo Opera Ottava

Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 - 1687)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Chaconne from "Roland" (Full)

Tiburtio Massaino (ca. 1550 - 1609)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Canzone Trigesimaterza per Otto Tromboni

Johann Valentin Meder (1649 - 1719)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia à 5 (Ouverture to the opera (singspiel) Die beständige Argenia)

Jacopo Peri (1561 - 1633)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Ricercar del Primo Tuono del Zazzerino

Giovanni Priuli (1575 - 1629)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Canzone prima à 8 voci from Priuli's publication Sacrorum Concentuum

- Canzone a 7

- Canzone quarta a 6

- Ritornelli from 'Delicie musicali'

Henry Purcell (1659-1695) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- The Queen's Funeral March (Z. 860A) and Canzona (Z. 860B)

- Ouverture to "Dido and Aeneas"

Samuel Scheidt (1587 - 1654) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Canzon Cornetto à 4 voci

Johann Herman Schein (1586-1630)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Intrada

- Padouana

Johann Schelle (?-?) (From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata to the cantata "Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele"

- Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schar

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (1620 - 1680)

- Balletto di Spiritelli (from "La Freccia dell'Amore")

- Balletto di Centauri, Ninfe e Salvatici (from "La Freccia dell'Amore")

Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia from Schütz's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross

- Intermedium III (From History of the Nativity)

- Intermedium VI (From History of the Nativity)

- Symphonia Sacra "In Lectulo Per Noctes" for Soprano and Alto (SWV 272)

- Sinfonia to "Domini est Terra" SWV 476

Alessandro Stradella (1644 - 1682)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sonata à 4 (Due violini e due cornetti divisi in due chori)

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
(From Roberto Dillon)

- Sonata per Flauto Dolce e Basso Continuo TWV 41

Ludovico Grossi da Viadana (1560 - 1627)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia La Padovana (a otto voci)

Matthias Weckman (?-?)
(From Steven Langley Guy)

- Sinfonia from Weckman's Es Erhub sich ein Streit


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