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Meditation June

Center Of Meditation SAMATHA-VIPASSANA, S. Andrea of Compito and Lucca.
Whoever can freely participate and free to the group meditation , on Saturday at the 15,30 to S. Andrea of Compito, Tower street 9 (telef. 0583.977051 - Loriano) or the Thursday, times 19,45, Lucca, 42 Citadel street (Alexander, tel. 0583.956302).
Whoever wants to receive "Meditation" by e-mail, can communicate his/her own e-mail to Loriano (asiaticus@tin.it). In case of change of e-mail, it is begged to communicate it. Thanks. Mail: Loriano Belluomini, 55065, S. Andrea di Compito, Lucca.
THE 7 FACTORS OF THE AWAKENING: sati: awareness 2) dhamma vicaya: analysis of the phenomenons 3) viriya: energy 4) piiti: joy 5) passaddhi: calm 6) samadhi: meditative absorption 7) upekkhaa: equanimity.
'ALL THE CONDITIONED PHENOMENONS HAVE FOR NATURE TO DECAY: Untiringly practice you' (Mahaaparinibbaana Sutta).



To fifteen years from the beginning of the meditative practice and in the anniversary of the death of my parents, a glance is given to the experience of this long period.


Fifteen years ago it began the experience of the meditative practice. I was in a strong personal crisis and this it brings me to a consideration. There is not  progress without crisis. It needs to touch the fund to resurface. A crisis, even though painful as it can be the end of a marriage,  can be the point of turn, in positive, of a life. I will say more: only something painful can push to really observe ourselves. To me it happened right this :why the things had gone this way? Why constantly, in my life, I found me to always make the same errors and to produce suffering for me and for the other people? There was not perhaps something wrong in the things I did?This consideration brought me to a self-criticism :under the weight of the remorse, I saw me how I was really, I saw everything of my egocentrism, my fatuity, the absolute power of the ego. I Reconsidered my preceding life and I saw how so many pushes, also those more "noble", to es. those of mine "political interest ",had as foundation the rottenness of my ego, that wanted to be at the center of the universe, the wish of affirmation. (Since then when I see a politician, also the smallest, I don't really listen to what he says: listening what shines through from his/her personality, I notice the variations of the power of the ego, I observe the fatuity of his acting!).

We are what we think! And I had built in me even me an ideology of the  desire. They were years when these ideologies were of fashion, the titles of books and songs that hymned to the desire  were numerous; there was even the title of a piece of jazz: "At school of desire"! As if there be any need of a school for this!We have too much of it already and it is that really what creates our suffering.  To desire always implicates something that is not. It's a mental vortex that makes us blind to the present and it projects us distant in the mind. We don't live in the present time, fully lost in our dreams, we despise the Real and we amuse there with the imaginary one. We are never happy, we are dormant in comparison to what there is, our true life is in the mind. To pursue something, we never have  time to appreciate the existing one!

Another thing that we build  they are the masks. "The politician", "the revolutionary one", "the professional", "the feminist" "the leftist" (or  rightist) and so on. THEY ALL ARE SOURCE OF SUFFERING! We realize only of them when something pushes us to leave them. As it is hard to clear ourselves of them. I noticed this to my expenses  when, under the push of the change that came me from the meditation, I had to abandon my preceding mask, that of the "politican-more-or-less-revolutionary". That labors! It was a big problem: I knew that the other ones had on me expectations of a certain kind, in short they had framed me in a certain way, and to know that I went to undo this beautiful construction: for an instant I would have been NAKED!Here it is once more the fear of ours pseudo-itself that always Wants to Defend himself/herself, he/she wants to prevent us from realizing that the reality as it is indeed storms in the life. (Therefore since then I look "strange" those people - and I know of them - that  say: "I am one thatů "also those that have a romantic vision of themselves - which means that they don't succeed to see the life as it is).

Again: we are what we think, or better as we think.

THE MISFORTUNE! People think about living in a good world, that up there someone loves us and they pray for avoiding the misfortunes. But misfortunes are even impossible to avoid, the churches fall on the  head to the priests and the pope also gets sick. By the way I admire a lot this pope of ours for his will power but the fact stays that nobody ever escaped to the physical suffering in this world! However there was who overcame completely the mental suffering. And since we live it with the mind, this is the point, here jump!

Physical suffering is as an arrow that strikes us. Is it to us to avoid that a secund arrow  strikes  us , that of the mental suffering (the continuous complaint, the dissatisfaction, the "because I was hit? "). The reality is that our control on the life is low. "There is a thing nobody can avoid,neither human being nor divine, neither common man nor ascetic: precisely the  physical suffering,  to get sick and  to die", this recognized 500 years before Christ the Buddha.

Since the second arrow is mental, it is only training the mind that it can be won or at least it can be reduced the impact of this second arrow. But it takes training! It takes training. As we are, we are not equipped for overcoming the suffering. It's only learning  "to leave to go" in meditation, learning  "to see and accept"that we can improve our mental health. But the people are not ready! It needs work to look at ourselves and to work on the mind! Do you want to put a beautiful pill (or a prayer, that anyway is better )? So I don't have to do the work to have to change anything of me (I like myself so!). Who cares if I get poisoned  using the medicines and if then I have to take other medicines to recover ?The important thing it is to remain in our masks and in our inactivities.

Returning to the misfortune! The best years of my life were those of the misfortune, that is of the illness and  my parents' death! What a wealth in that period! Presence and continuous attention, individualization of what was real and of what was imagination, development of the equanimity and the acceptance, the joy of the awareness to know how to live the present and to enjoy therefore  those dear people until it was grantedů

A last curiosity: As  is it evolved in these years the meditative practice? Beh, to the beginning I was very technical I now extend instead to a greater attention to the psychological aspect. There have been, in these fifteen years, interesting experiences and also deep. But to stick to them is not needed. Also these must be allowed to let go. The same idea of the Liberation, that is our purpose, must be allowed to go. Is this a paradox indeed, no?  So, only living ("watching however the watch"says the fairy to Cinderella respect to the prophetic midnight). Also the Liberation, the Liberty has no substance. What substance could it ever have? And at the same time it is as another dimension, a dimension of the mind. But if we substantialize it, it is not liberty anymore!

In short, that wealth of paradoxes!

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