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THe following videos  are available in   VHS [PAL] o in DVD. No NTSC.

NEW (Giugno 2006) : Beijing 2001, Great Demo of Bagua, 3 videos in 0n3, 60,00+3,00 shipping.


 KUNGFU Demonstration/Guangzhou 1991.

Content: 1) Fu Meilan in Liangyiquan (excellent but not  complete).   2) Taiji sword 3) Shaolin Tantui  4) Taizu quan (similar to  TJQ)  5) Choylifut  6) Wudang Taiji jian (eccellente)  7) Wudang bagua Feilong Jian / Spada Bagua Wudang del Drago Volante (scuola Fu: excellent)  8) Southern staff  9) Tuishou  10) Dao vs spear  11) Taijiquan  12) Alabard  13) Tuishou, freestyle  14) 42 shi TJQ  15) Fu Zhensong Baguazhang, one version (excellent).

About 45 minutes      35 + 2 shipping and handling. Tot. 37.00


 Kungfu Demonstration,  Ritan Park, Beijing,  April 10 1994.

It encloses: 24 shi TJQ, a rare form of Northern hooks, 32 shi TJ jian (sword), Changquan, Pudao (alabard) , Sanda , Wu shi TJQ,  Shaolin and Tantui, Da-qiang (long spear), spear,  bagua spear, bagua short weapons,  Xingyi Bashi, Bagua lianhuan zhang,  Bagua Master Zhang Quanliang ( Liang Zhenpu school), a nice performance of Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang...

About 1 hr     25 + 2 shipping and handling. Tot. 27.00


Great Kungfu demonstration, Beijing, 8 Luglio 2000.

This demo encloses mostly Baguazhang with the best Beijing schools, ; there is a long segment on weapons too. The video is long , a true gluttony, giving a deep glance on the Capital Baguazhang.

About 2 hrs or more      50 + 3 shipping and handling. Tot. 53.00



Loriano Belluomini: ZONGHE NEIJIA QUAN

(Internal Schools mixed Kungfu )

This nice competition form encloses Taiji, Bagua and Xingyiquan (Bashi) of Fu school condensed in an unique form.

35,00+ 3 shipping and handling (Tot. 37,00 ).


Liuhe Tanglang Quan + Baguazhang.   DISCONTINUED

In Tiantan Park, in 1991, my training under Grandmaster Liu Jingru who demonstrates 4 forms (Shuangfeng, Tieci, Duanchui , Canghua) of Liuhe Tanglang Quan (Six Harmonies Praying Mantis), a beautyiful form of Baguazhang ( Cheng style) . The 4 forms are viewed from the front and the back. Enclosed are some applications from Liuhe TLQ. A very short document but exceptional: The movement quality of Liu Jingru in these forms is truly excellent.

  Durata: 29 minutes  35,00 +3 shipping and handling (Tot. 37,00 ).



Tianjin Gao Yisheng  and Jiang Rongqiao BGZ training video  DISCONTINUED

Note: This is a training and reference video, not a demo video. In 1994, in Tianjin, we trained Gaoyisheng Xiantian and Houtian Baguazhang, and Jiang Rongqiao BGZ. Here are those training shortcuts. There is the entire Houtian  training serie with exception of a few palms; there is a few Xiantian (circular) bagua training; there is an entire Sha Guozheng Bagua Lianhuan zhang form (the teacher who taught it was Liu Wanfu); there is bagua sword training and some Bagua dao training; there is some Xingyi form, as Shi'er Hong chui. Altough the material is rough it is a rare chance to see true Gao Yisheng Baguazhang linear forms as executed in the famous Tianjin Gao Yisheng school.

Summary: Houtian Palms (linear): FIRST SERIES: 1) Kai  2) Beng  3)Dun  4) Tan  5) Li  6) Tiao  7) Gai  8) Chan -- April 13, 1994: Bagua Dao--Jiang Rongqiao BGZ/ April 13, 4.35 PM: SECUND SERIES: 9) Jie  10) Cang  11) Kan  12) Xiao  13) Erxian chuandao  14) Hu (Tiger)  15) Fenghuang (Phoenix)  16) Huan___ Secund Series, repetition / Dao (in the room) (third section) / Visit to Tianjin /JIANG RONGQIAO's third-fourth Palm/  ___THIRD SERIES: 17) Chuan  18) Ban  19)Jie  20) Lan  21) Ting  2) Fan  23) Zou  24) Zhuan ___ BG Dao, 5-6 sections ___JIANG RONGQIAO'S BGZ___BG Dao (April 15, 8,34 AM) ___Xingyi Shi'er Hong chui___   FOURTH SERIES: (April 15)  25) Tui  26) Tuo  27) Dai  28) Ling  29) Zhan  30) Lian  31) Sui  32)Nian ___ BG Dao, sections 7-8 ___ Fourth series repetition ___ XIANTIAN BGZ (circular BGZ) : Fourth change / Xingyiquan / BG JIAN(sword)   SEVENTH SERIES: (Elbows) 49-56 / April 17, 5.26 PM: XIANTIAN BGZ / HOUTIAN BGZ, EIGHTH SERIES: (Kicks)  57) Qu  58) Chuai  59) Bai  60)Gua  61) Ti  62)Jie  63) Xietang  64) Zhuang  ____/ BG sword, corrections / BG sword in open field / April 18: HOUTIAN BGZ , FIFTH SERIES: 33) Ye  34) Ji  35) Diao  36) Lyu  37) Beng  38) Chuang  39) Kou  40) Pan / ___ April 19: BG sword (end) / Lake vision / BG Sword again / XIANTIAN BGZ with corrections / Farewell with teachers  / April 20, 8.18 AM: other 5 linear forms / Sha Guozheng's BAGUA LIANHUAN ZHANG / Xingyiquan, a form we studied / Shi'er Hong chui / Lake / Sha Guozheng's form again / END.

Length: Not calculated, more than a hour           50 + 3 shipping and handling. Tot. 53.00



A video that shows (1994) my practice of Yin shi BGZ with master Liu Jingru . A rarity. It encloses 8 basic walking stances, 8 changes and applications.

Lenght: 20 minutes                                    35+3 shipping and handling, tot 38.00



This is a video that documents the training   in Shanxi Xingyiquan (master  Li Guichang and teachers Mao Mingchun and Cui Jinmin) in Beijing ,April 1994. It encloses all the Xingyiquan empty hands program. Furthermore there are  Bagua trainings (Liang Zhenpu style) with master Zhang Huasen focused mostly on the solo exercises (dancao ) and on the circle trainning-  Lao ba zhang .


April, 1-2: XYQ Zuan, Pao, Heng (under Mao Mingchun)/ Piquan/ Free trials at theHotel /BGZ dancao and secund change  --  April, 2.: Zhang Huasen, 2nd change applications. / Loriano:  dancao.  Santishi essentials. Animal Forms: Longxing, Huxing, Maxing, Houxing / Form: Wuxing lianhuan quan / Still BG 2 change / BG dancao (in group) / Duilian -two man set3 Aprile.: Form: Siba chui/ Form: Bashi / Wuxing Xiangke duilian ( two man set) /  Apr. 3,  11 in the morning: Wuxing xiangke duilian/ Some application / 3 Aprile., afternoon: BGZ, Sanchuan (3 palms) and other  dancao / BG on the circle, first change / To pull / XYQ Zashi chui (form) / Dingshi BGZ /  Lao Ba zhang practice / Qinna (BGZ) / Mao Mingchun: Anshen Pao duilian / 5 Aprile. : XYQ Zashi chui (title " Li Ziming BGZ" is wrong) / Anshen Pao duilian / XYQ forms:  Zashi, Siba chui , Wuxing Lianhuan quan / Still Wuxing xiangke duilian / Still Zashi chui / Two man techniques / 5 Aprile: Anshen pao duilian / XYQ,  animal forms: Shexing, Taixing, Jixing / Anshen Pao duilian / Animal forms: Jixing, Shexing, Taixing, Yaoxing   6 Aprile: A Chinese executes Wuxing Lianhuan Quan / Forms: Jixing siba chui , Longxing Bashi  / 8 Aprile: Animal forms: Tuoxing, Yanxing, Ying-xiong-xing.

35+3, tot. 38.00



" The union form of various schools" . My training, in 1994, of the ultimate form in  Liu Jingru teaching, the form that encloses both Yin Fu and Cheng Tinghua techniques. This is the form I feel most important. Altough a short video, it is a precious one, supplying mastery in both the schools. It has applications by the same Liu.

Lenght: 11 minutes                            55+3, tot. 58.00



The first, long form of Chen style Taijiquan. The action is in the far 1989 under the teaching od master Deng Jie and his wife in Tiantan Park, Beijing. A unique use of elbows. Also some fast executions.It follows Chen style Taiji sword.

Lenght: 1 hr and 58 minutes                   35+3, tot. 38.00



Old Film /Fiction movie

WULIN zhi (The challenge): in chinese with french subtitles.

After the Boxers rebellion a russian champ comes to China to challenge the  Kungfu schools. A Baguazhang champion faces the challenge....

Length: Not calculated, about the same as a normal movie           35 + 3 shipping and handling. Tot. 38.00

The tapes are not professional but this is in effects a merit, not a defect. The professional films always introduce the polished up product and manufactured; here the training is seen instead as a "hard job", as it was developing,, in progress, to the moment in which it was learned, with all of its difficulties. I appreciate more personally these " notes on the field" that the professional videos. The same motive for which I appreciate more a concert "live" rather than the same work performed in study.

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