The Mini Aidou Shrine

Aidou is BY FAR the coolest female character in Fushigi Yuugi. (Don't even try to convince me otherwise!) Unfortunely she's hardly in the series (;_;) so there is very little known about her and not too many pictures.


Aidou and her deadly logs
Name: Kou Aidou
Age: Unknown (At least 19 in part 2 of the manga)
Birthplace: Konan Country, Kou-shuu, Taito-ken
Family: Mother, Father, 4 sisters, 1 younger brother
Likes: Tormenting her little brother
Special Ability: Deadly aim with a log
Personality: Like her mother she has a very strong personallity and is not one to let a man tell her what to do. She can be nasty one second (particually if Tasuki's around) and extremely sweet the next. Though she loves to torment her little brother she does seem to care about him. She seems to be still living at home so I'm assuming she's unmarried. With this being ancient China that makes her an old maid! *WHAP* OW! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please put the log down now!

Aidou with her little brother, Shun'u

More Aidou Images

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