Tamahome's Tasuki Gift Shop Irashaimase!
Welcome to my Tasuki Gift Shop where you can find all the finest in Tasuki merchandise. Check out my current catalog below.
Item Description  Price Catalog #
Tasuki UFO Catcher "Cute and cuddly just like Tasuki" or so Tasuki no Miko says. 1980 ryou Tasudoll01
Tasuki Key Chain Not only good for holding keys, Tasuki no Miko says they make good Christmas tree ornaments. 490 ryou Tasukey01
Tasuki Key Chain (See above) 400 ryou Tasukey02
Tasuki bedsheets 

Emblazed with a cool picture of Tasuki. These are the very sheets used by Kouji in Vol.18 of the manga. Hey! Give those back, you haven't paid for them! (Struggle with Tasuki no Miko ensues) 19000 ryou Tasubed01
Authentic Replica Tessen Now you too can own your very own Tessen. 

*Does not actually emit flames

5000 ryou Tasutes01
Tasuki earrings  No "fan" should be without a pair of these. 3000 ryou Tasuear01
Tasuki CD Contains the hit songs: 
  1. Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitare!!
  2. Do=Be's ga Yatte Kuru
1000 ryou Tasucd01
THTC CD A must have CD by the extremely popular group THTC

Contains the hit songs: 

  1. Metcha Hajikete Guts Tobashite
  2. Aoi Jiyuu. Shiroi Nozomi.
1000 ryou Tasucd02
42.195 A whole album of Tasuki songs 3059 ryou Tasucd03
Born Another whole album of Tasuki songs 3059 ryou Tasucd04
Tasuki Music Video Short version of "Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitare!!" set to scenes from the anime. Ar~~~gh! I'm getting sick of this damn song! Can't Tasuki no Miko play some of my songs every once in awhile? 

*Running length: 2 min. 

1900 ryou Tasuvhs01
Tasuki Trading Cards From the Fushigi Yuugi PP card series  100 ryou each Tasupptc01-
Tasuki Trading Cards The Tasuki no Miko series. Hundreds of different images from the anime and manga.
*50 cards a pack
500 ryou a pack Tasutnmtc01
Censored Tasuki XXX An etchi dojinshi created by Tasuki no Miko. Hey, Mikos shouldn't be drawing this kind of thing!
*Must be over 18 years old to order 
500 ryou Tasudojin01
Gen-chan Tasuki in drag. Inspired by the Nyosei women episode. Another dojinshi created by Tasuki no Miko. Get a copy before Tasuki flames them all. 500 ryou Tasudojin02
Try to Take Over the World Inside the Book Another dojinshi by Tasuki no Miko which she has thoughtfully provided a summary for. 
*Not a Tasuki item but Tasuki no Miko is making me sell it anyway 
500 ryou FYdojin01
Tamahome UFO Catcher Used for the Flaming of the Tamahome Dolls ceremony!?!? What sick, twisted mind came up with the idea of doing such a nasty thing to these adorable dolls!?!? 1980 ryou Tamadoll01

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