42.195 is a Hayashi Nobutoshi CD (Wa~~~i! Wa~~~i! It's a whole album of Tasuki! ^v^ ) that was released by Warner Music Japan (Catalog # WPCV-7405) on May 25, 1997 and is selling for 3059 yen. There's also an extra CD-Rom track on it that contains audio files of Hayashi speaking about the album and his voice acting career. *BTW, according to the July issue of AnimeV, the title "42.195" refers to 42.195 km of a marathon. It's a comparison with life - "No matter what happens you keep pushing on."

Track Title Title in English Lyrics
1 Kotoba no Nai Kuni de In a Land with No Words Japanese | Romaji
2 Saikou ni Ikareta Rock 'n' roll Show The Wildest Rock 'n' roll Show Japanese | Romaji | English
3 42.195 42.195 Japanese | Romaji
4 STAY COOL STAY COOL Japanese | Romaji
5 Dakishimete mo Nai Yume ga Aru I Have a Dream I Can't Hold Japanese | Romaji
6 Hadaka no Mama I Love You I Love You With Your Clothes Left Off Japanese | Romaji
7 TOKYO Rock TOKYO Rock Japanese | Romaji
8 Shake it! Shake it! Japanese | Romaji
9 No No Breakdown No No Breakdown Japanese | Romaji
10 Umi Sea Japanese | Romaji | English
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