Released by Warner Music Japan (Catalog # WPCV-7422) on April 25, 1998. Price: 3059 yen.

Track Title Title in English Lyrics
1 Nusumareta Key Stolen Key Japanese | Romaji
2 Not For Sale Not For Sale Japanese | Romaji
3 Borderline Borderline Japanese | Romaji
4 Harmonica~Seisha ga Machi ni Konai Yoru~ Harmonica~The Night the Saint Didn't Come to Town~ Japanese | Romaji
5 My Sweet Home My Sweet Home Japanese | Romaji
6 Kakueki de Ikou Let's Go by Every Station Japanese | Romaji
7 Yoake Dawn Japanese | Romaji
8 Nigeru ga Kachi Runs Away but is a Victory Japanese | Romaji
9 Suuji ni Tsuite no 2, 3 no Kousatsu 2 or 3 Considerations of Numbers Japanese | Romaji
10 Silver Spoon Silver Spoon Japanese | Romaji
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