The Kansai Dialect
Here are a few links for those interested in learning more about the "sacred" dialect of Tasuki
*(The Osaka dialet is the specific Kansai dialect that Tasuki speaks)

English Pages

Kansai-ben- The best Kansai-ben page there is in English

How to be like a NATIVE KANSAI-JIN - The English page from Mezase Native Kansaijin

Japanese Pages

Ž„“I‘åãŠw•KC‘åã•ÙuÀ Lecture of OSAKA-BEN - Has good definitions and examples of usage

‚ß‚´‚¹NATIVEŠÖ¼l - This is a really nice page. It also has a very funny Kansai version of the balcony scene from "Romeo and Juliet". I love the bit when Juliet whacks Romeo with a halisen after he tells a bad pun. ^v^

OSAKAnize - Type in the URL of any page in Japanese and this page will "Osakanize" it. Now all Japanese pages can sound like they were written by Tasuki. ^v^ I got some interesting results with the "Kimi ga Hohoemu Nara" and "Heart ni Kiraboshi Sakashitare!!" lyrics

[The Beatles in Kansai-ben] - Kansai-ben translations of Beatles' songs

miro99 - Dictionary and links

ŠÖ¼l‚Ì•”‰® - Kansai-ben lecture, links, and chat

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