Fushigi Yuugi Gaiden 1 Genrou Den

Written by Nishizaki Megumi
Created and illustrated by Watase Yuu

English translation by Tasuki no Miko

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Translation by Tasuki no Miko
The Main Characters
Chapter 1 - Mt. Leikaku Wolf
Chapter 2 - Released Seal
Chapter 3 - Mt. Kaou Girl
Chapter 4 - Stormy Omen
Chapter 5 - Blade of Hate
Chapter 6 - Scenario Toward Ruins
Chapter 7 - Hero Inside a Blaze
Chapter 8 - Burn Brief and Beautiful
Chapter 9 - Fiery Challenger
Chapter 10 - Toward a New Story
Author Profiles
Translation Notes

Copyright Watase Yuu/Nishizaki Megumi/Shogakukan

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