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Welcome to Project Diaclone. The goal of this section is to provide as much information as possible regarding the Diaclone toy series, with a special emphasis on the early releases which were not recycled into the Transformers toy series. I've familiarized myself with the various Diaclone internet resources over the years, and feel that I have valuable information to contribute to the greater body of knowledge.

I've been collecting Diaclone toys since 1999, and, since that time, I've acquired a lot of information about the series. I thought it was about time that I attempted to compile all of that information for those that want it. In the process, I hope to discover gaps in my own knowledge, so that I can continue to build upon what I know. If you spot an omission or incorrect piece of information anywhere in this section, please use the side menu bar to contact me and let me know.

* More images and hypertext links will be added in later additions

      The History of Diaclone
How Diaclone Became The Transformers
List of Diaclone Toys (with reviews)
Spin-Offs and Knock-Offs
List of Transformers Toys (and what series they came from)
Additional Diaclone Articles