Black G1 Optimus Prime

Beauty Incarnate. There's no other way to start describing this piece. Released unofficially in China by Zhong Jin, Black G1 Optimus Prime is absolutely identical to the G1 original in every way except his color. The box, accessories, stickers, and even the instructions are absolutely dead-on. The die-cast quality is the same, the plastic and chrome qualities are the same, the paint qualities are the same, the joints are just as tight and durable. The only clue that this is not the genuine G1 original (other than the color) is the fact that no stickers come pre-attached to the piece. All stickers (even those for the trailer) come on sheets included in the box.


Here it is in the box. Notice the additional sticker sheets in the window. The only clue that this is not the original 1984 Transformer.

Side view.

A frontal view.


Robot mode and trailer.


Side-by-side comparison with the G1 original. I definitely like black better! You'll notice that Black Prime comes with the chubby fists and rifle from the original pre-rub sticker Optimus Prime release. The red/blue Prime pictured was from the later rub-sticker release.


Close up of the bad boy, himself. I still drool at this thing every time I turn to look at it.





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