Clear G1 Optimus Prime

From Zhong Jin, the same wonderful Chinese bootleggers who brought us Black G1 Optimus Prime, comes this even rarer translucent beauty. Back before Hasbro's legal team ran these guys out of business, Clear Prime and the Gold Chrome Prime were the two rarer incentive variants for dealers. I've heard two conflicting stories behind how dealers were able to obtain these. One way I heard it was that you received one Clear Prime for every x cases of regular G1 Prime bootlegs that you purchased, while another story I was told was that dealers bid against each other for one case of these guys each month.

Whatever the case, Clear Prime was absurdly rare even when it was still being manufactured. You can find a few images of Clear G1 Primes on the web, but none of those collectors had the nerve to apply decals. As these images show, the toy (especially the trailer) looks several thousand times more incredible with the color contrast that the decals offer.


Interior of the trailer.


Side view of cab and trailer.

Frontal view of cab and trailer.


Robot mode and trailer.


Robot mode. 

Another view of the Robot mode.





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