Truly the most incredible robot variant I have ever seen, the Over-Sized Brave Fire Dagwon takes one of Takara's most popular Japan-exclusive robots and blows it up to approximately 1.5 feet in height. Only Fortress Maximus is taller! This varient is made of super sturdy quality plastic and was built to last. Transforms into a jumbo jet, fire truck, and ambulance, as well as a playset, just like the original. At 1.5 feet in height, this is the ultimate centerpiece for any robot toy collection.

This is the only one of its kind that I've ever been able to confirm in five years of searching. Though, in my searches, I've spoken to two other collectors that have claimed to see more Over-Sized Fire Dagwons, I've never been able to confirm those stories. Unfortunately, this one came to me used and without a box. It has some scuffing on its white plastic and is missing the ramp for base mode, the bird beak for the chest, and extension for the fire truck ladder. All joints are still perfectly tight, the chrome looks great, and the stickers show no signs of wear.


A close-up of Fire Dagwon. The chest needs a bit of a dusting, but check out the detail on that face.


The enormous over-sized scale jet transport mode.


The ambulance and firetruck launch from their storage compartments, just like in the original version.


...but check out the new scale! The ambulance and fire truck are now to scale with the G1 Autobot cars. That's a genuine G1 Smokescreen in the picture!





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