This is truly a superb piece for Diaclone fans. Here, the very first Diaclone combiner team is recolored to match the Transformers G1 Devastator team. In addition, the set comes in a box that clearly resembles that of a G1 Decepticon. Even the styrafoam insert feels dead-on. The quality of this set is absolutely identical to the Diaclone original. Combine that with a far better box and color scheme, and you have one amazing display piece for your collection! Please note: this set is complete, but does not include any Diaclone drivers.

I obtained this set from a cigar store that was liquidating its old stock online. Though the box bears no copyright date, the dust that I had to clean off of the box suggests that it's at least a decade old. The measurements used on the back (metric) strongly suggest that this set was produced overseas. I can personally verify two other Devastator-colored Gats Blockers in existence, though one was not as complete as this one.  

A close-up of the merge team in all its Decepticon glory.


Check out the rear of the box (especially the battle scene at the top!). VERY similar to a G1 Decepticon box.




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