I purchased this set from a retailer in Taiwan back in 2000 and, to my regret, have never been able to find another one for sale. I did locate one other Autobot Colored Menasor in seven years of searching, but it was in a private collection and not for resale. Neither of us have the box or know who manufactured it. This Autobot Menasor does have all of the individual guns, parts, and accessories. It even has real Autobot logos. Unfortunately, a chip in Menasor's right foot prevents this piece from being dead mint. Careful exploration indicates that this was a manufacturing error and was not caused by breakage.


The Autobot Stunticons. Are they good guys, or is this a plan by Megatron to decieve the Autobots?


Motormaster really does look just like Optimus Prime. Or perhaps that is Optimus and the Autobots...




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