Another varient of the G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime cab. The quality on this one is similar, but there are differences. The most obvious difference is that this set includes an additional unknown racing car Transformer. It also features a different trailer, different colors, and different stickers too.


The box, styrofoam insert, Powermaster Ultra Magnus, two guns, the trailer, and the extra Transformer. I don't like the trailer that comes with this Prime as much, but the new Transformer makes up for it.


The additional Transformer in vehicle mode.


The additional Transformer in robot mode. Those wheels look awful, but the robot is made of quality plastic and has tight joints. It makes a great addition to the set.


The Prime varient in robot mode. This one lacks Autobot symbols, but those white eyes are super cool enough to make up for the fact.


Here's how it looks in truck mode.




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