This 1.5x scale Optimus Prime is by far the most fantastic foreign Transformers variant I've ever seen. It's also the reason I started collecting variants in the first place. Back in 1999, I spotted one of these on ebay and was immediately enthralled. Unfortunately, the bidding was over $200 and I was a poor college student. I had to let the auction go, but I never stopped thinking about the item. I started saving as much money as I could so that, when it showed up on ebay again, I'd be able to win it. Unfortunately, five years went by and it never did show up again. So, in 2004, I started a long search to find this item, asking every contact I knew and using every resource at my disposal. After a a lot of false leads, I finally succeeded in tracking down and obtaining an Over-Sized Optimus Prime. Since 2004, I've now been able to confirm the existence of about twenty of these Over-Sized Optimus Primes, ten of which have passed through my hands. I've kept the first one and sold the rest. They've done amazingly well on ebay for obvious reasons. Simply put, there is no cooler Optimus Prime to use as the centerpiece for a collection. Check out the pictures and descriptions below:


A close up of the robot.


A side view of the cab and trailer.


Frontal view of the cab and trailer.


Size comparion against the original G1 Optimus Prime. Check out the difference! Please note that this set comes with a complete and enlarged G2 Optimus Prime sticker sheet (which has not been applied). The G1 Autobot symbols on the shoulders in this picture were purchased from www.reprolabels.com.


Prime and his trailer (which extends more than foot in length!). Roller's launcher shoots with amazing power in this version! The missile launchers are also spring-loaded. You'll notice that the walls of the trailer base are blank. This is because the stickers have not been applied.

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