This is a rather unique interpretation of the G1 Superion Giftset, blown up to approximately 12.5" tall and given an entirely new head, as well as new colors (including generous use of chrome silver). The quality of this set is very good, but it's not on the same level as Over-Sized Bruticus or Super Over-sized Sixbuilder. The plastic is slightly inferior, the details are slightly less impressive, and the joints are a bit looser. The legs, in particular, have a habit of coming loose when you pick Superion up. Still, Over-Sized Superion has no trouble standing on its own when properly transformed. It makes one heck of a display piece.


Look how this merge team dwarfs a G1 Wheeljack and Smokescreen. No, those aren't World's Smallest Transformers. Incidentally, the wing hanging loose on the left arm is the result of my own oversight. It doesn't hang loose; I just didn't transform it correctly.


Here's the team in robot mode, along with G1 Wheeljack for size comparison. In my opinion, the individual robots could use more color. Beyond that, I think the team looks quite impressive on this scale. And check out the chrome head on the end!


The jets look GREAT on this scale!


Check out the Over-Sized Silverbolt next to a G1 Starscream!





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