Several over-sized Bruticus sets have appeared over the years but, until now, each has been made of cheap, hollow plastic and brittle joints. Swindle and Vortex come from an exceptionally rare Bruticus set that's unlike any of the others. Combined, the set stands well over a foot tall and is also made of a thicker, higher quality plastic than the G1 original. Independently, Swindle and Vortex are approximately the same size as the G1 Heroic Autobots, and include all of their original weapons (enlarged to the appropriate scale). This set also comes with a box featuring some fantastic artwork.


Size comparison with a G1 Wheeljack.


The outer box. Fantastic artwork.


Here are Swindle and Vortex in the tray, along with their weapons/accessories. Everything that came with the G1 originals is here.


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