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News 01/17-01/24

New TakaraTomy Animated Images: A number of new images of TakaraTomy's Animated line have shown up on Amazon Japan.
Tiger's Take: Still not sure about shiny Animated figures but looks like Activators Cliffjumper is luckily unchanged..

First look at new TakaraTomy product : Big Bad Toy Store has posted images of concept art of Alternity Skywarp and Starscream and Disney Label Buzz Lightyear plus toy images of Device Label Cheetor with their respective pre-orders.
Tiger's Take: Interesting designs for the Alternity seekers but I'll need to see it in 3D before I buy.

New Carded product images: BWTF has obtained carded images (some from Transformers.com) of upcoming ROTF Deluxes, Battle Chargers, Gravity Bots and RPMs.
Tiger's Take: Skystalker looks way too much like a Star Wars vehicle for my taste.

Transformers: Cyber Missions #1 up at Transformers.com: Hasbro has put up the first episode of a new CGI mini-cartoon on their Monkeybar.tv site. 
Tiger's Take: While perhaps not the greatest fiction in a literary sense, it does do a good job of inspiring the imagination.

Animated Arcee and Cybertron Ratchet released: Posters at TFW2005 and the Allspark have found Arcee and Ratchet at their local Toys R' Us stores.
Tiger's Take: Good grief, a G1ish Arcee has actually made it to shelves! Huzzah!

War for Cybertron Bumblebee toy: The cover of the latest issue of the Transformers Collector's Club Magazine, shows the robot mode of a War for Cybertron Bumblebee toy.
Tiger's Take: Looks like the War for Cybertron might just have a full toyline.

Starting next week, the news report will be scaled back to the top 3 stories of the week. Full reports will resume in early May when my classes are over. In the meantime, if I find I have time to a full report for a given week, I will endeavor to do so.



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