Here are the most useful Transformers and transforming robot-related links that I know of. They have been selected because of their usefulness, and not because I'm getting anything in exchange from their web masters. I have actively searched countless search engines and links pages to come up with this list. If you've got a link that you think should be here, please let us know at or


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General Transformers Resources The ultimate source for those that are truly obsessed with Transformers culture. TFWIKI is the largest compilation of Transformers knowledge ANYWHERE.

Fred's Complete American Variants Page! Fred has put together a list of just about every variation of every American Transformer ever made. A very popular message board for TF chat. Does not have the scan library it once did, but it does have scans of letters pages and other things that won't be officially reprinted. Anthony 'Tonyfitz' Brucale's thorough database of Transformers toys with pictures. Also has Tonka GoBots.

Transformers: Generation One TakaraTomy's official web page for the G1 line. The page includes information on the current reissues, screen shots of God Ginrai's battles, information on the Japanese fiction timeline, and a whole host of other things as well. You can translate the page with Babel Fish.

The Transformers Archive
Yet another incredibly popular Transformers fan forum with many cool features. Hasbro's official homepage for Transformers. Site includes a complete toy catalog, character bios, and transforming instructions.

Transformers Galaxy This comprehensive site includes a complete toy list for EVERY Transformers toy ever made (including toys from European and Asian series). Too bad the site hasn't been updated since 2001.

Transformers Instruction ArchiveComplete scanned database of Transformers instruction booklets from G1 to RID/CR.

Transformers @ The MoonA news site with a large collection of images of Transformers toys and merchandise, including Lucky Draw Transformers.

Transformers News Resources

The AllsparkUp to date news, along with reviews, forums, and Hydra's TF Pulp manga translations.

TFormers.comUp to date news, along with reviews, forums, and general databases.

TFW2005.comAnother valuable news source, along with a discussion forum and a full database of TF episodes and comics.
News, reviews, articles, and databases.

Sites to Buy Old Toys From

Big Island ToysHas an EXTENSIVE collection of mint in box and mint out of box Transformers at reasonable prices. They also have a small but worthwhile collection of Japanese Transformers and pre-transformers, as well as toys from other favorite lines. Last, but not least, they have an AMAZING parts inventory! Big Island Toys also displays excellent pictures of nearly all their items so that you know what you're buying. Their page is updated regularly, and their site operator is incredibly quick and friendly with his e-mail replies.

FortMax.netOffer incredible prices for only slightly worn transformers. These are some of the best prices I've seen anywhere! Most items have scans available. Nate, the site operator, is friendly, helpful, and a super fast shipper! Definately worth looking at.

Japanese Toy LinkGreat selection of rare and valuable Popy/Bandai robots.

Kaikodo.netUnusual Japanese web site that offers an amazing selection of Pre-Transformers and non-Transformers for sale. They also have a decent assortment of MIB Transformers and Transformers Beast Wars items. You can translate the page with Babel Fish, and you'll need to convert the cost of each item.

Omega87Offers a unique assortment of pre-Transformers and MIB Generation One items. Excellent site to find some of the lesser known TF and Diaclone collectibles, as well as old favorites.

ToyeastExcellent selection of MIB and NMIB Popy items for sale at reasonable prices. Their GoDaiKin selection is particularly impressive.

Sites to Buy New Toys From

Action Figure Xpress They seem to be moving away from selling Transformers but they still have several items left. Mostly statue busts.

Big Bad Toy These guys have most of those new Japanese Transformers reissues that you've been dying to get your hands on. They're overpriced, but you don't stand much of a chance of finding some of these items anywhere else. Big Bad Toy Store has the absolute largest variety of Japanese Reissues that I've seen anywhere. You can even buy a new item from them guaranteed in a C-10 box for an extra charge!

HobbyLink Japan Often the best site to purchase those new Generation One Reissues from. While their selection is limited, they offer some of the absolute cheapest prices that I've ever seen for most of these items. The only problem is that since they ship from Japan, their shipping rates are often expensive.

Sites to Buy Toy Parts and Repair Kits From

Big Island Toys Also listed under "Sites to Buy Transformers From", but this is a direct link to their accessories page. They offer a wide variety of parts with excellent pictures and fair prices, and update their listings regularly. A fine looking site that designs and sells reproductions of original sticker sheets for restoring old and worn Transformers. They're also undertaking a new chrome restoration project.

Toy Addict's Ebay Store Toy Addict's Ebay Store. The first site I've ever seen that sells TF repro weapons and accessories. I can't speak for the quality of these repros personally, but it's definitely a site worth looking at if you're looking to complete, say, a Brave Maximus that didn't come with all of Fortress Maximus' accessories. They even have repro Diaclone Drivers! Currently not taking orders.

Pre-Transformers Resources

Autocon A Yahoo based discussion board devoted to Transformers, but with a firm knowledge of Diaclone. If you ever want to get Diaclone information from an actual person, this is the place.

Delphion Intellectual Property Network A patent search engine that can help you find information on the designers and copyrights of Shogun Warriors, Micronauts, GoDaiKin, Diakron, Kronoform, Voltron, Go-Bots, Robotech, and most importantly the Transformers. Just search under the company that made it. "Takara Co, Ltd" will get you Diakron, Kronoform, and Transformers (amongst other things). You'll get something like 3,500 hits and will have to arrange the results by date, ot you may just want to consult Pre-Transformers!, which has direct links to patents for many of the G1 Transformers.

Devvi's Car Robots An archive of Devvi's site on The Wayback Machine. Tons of information, indexes, and theories surrounding the Diaclone Pre-TF car robots. A must for diehard pre-Transformers fans.

Diaclone Net From what I can tell, this is an absolutely complete encyclopedia of every Diaclone toy ever made. Unfortunately, the site is entirely in Japanese, but you can translate the page with Babel Fish.

"Microman" An important article that was posted on Toy Collecting Weekly. It explains the basic storyline of Microman and the general evolution in transforming toy making that led up to the Transformers. Believe it or not, it all began with GI Joe.

Pre-Transformers! Contains random Diaclone information that no one else has, like the order in which they were released, how much they originally cost in Japan, and even the original patents for the Transformers. Unfortunately, this pre-transformers web page is written from a Transformers perspective and contains very little information on the Diaclones and Microchangers that weren't recycled into that toy line.

The Pre-Transformers Web Page Another Wayback archived page. Fact: Almost every Transformer released by Hasbro between 1984-1985 was just a rerelease of an older Japanese toy. Here's a crash-course in Diaclone, Microman, Dorvak, and many of the other Japanese toy lines that led up to and evolved into the Transformers that we all know and love.

Non-Transformers Resources

Alphadrome The essential discussion board for the tin robot collector.

Cool Japanese Toys Discussion forum for collectors of Japanese robot toys, new and old.

Joe Rovang's Sentai Sanctorium Complete database of every Sentai and Power Rangers series ever made, along with photos.

Robot Japan Spacebridge2000's own affiliate site, devoted to a wide variety of transforming toy lines. Includes a comprehensive image gallery of items from various legendary lines, as well as a popular discussion forum.

Super Mecha Robot Rampage Database of Popy, GoDaiKin, and Shogun Warriors toys, including toy lists and catalogue scans.

ToyboxDX Specializes in Popy Era Japanese robots. Contains an incredibly expansive robot database, a popular discussion board, and monthly robot articles and reviews, sometimes coming directly from sources in the Japanese toy industry.

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