The editors of the Italian magazine 'Best Problems' announce a formal tournament for helpmates in 3 (not 2½) moves, to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Italian chess problemist Vito Rallo.
   Theme: "During the solution, at least one initially pinned black piece makes an interference which is exploited in the mate. Orthodox helpmates only -- no fairy pieces or conditions. Zeropositions and/or promoted pieces are not allowed. No duplex problems.

   Maximum three entries per composer".
   See example problem:
Chris J. Feather
'Suomen Tehtäväniekat' 1994
White: Kh5 Rd1 Bb2 Pb4 Pg3
Black: Kd4 Qf8 Rd2 Bb1 Bc3 Sf3 Pb3
FEN: 5q2/8/8/7K/1P1k4/1pb2nP1/1B1r4/1b1R4

h#3           2 solutions           (5+7)

1. Kc4 B:c3 2. Rd6 Rd5 3. Bd3 Rc5#
1. Ke3 R:d2 2. Bf6 Be5 3. Be4 Bf4#

A copy of the chess problem anthology 'Compositori Scacchisti Italiani dal 1980' will be awarded to the winner of the 1st Prize.

  •  Judge: Christopher Jones.
  •  Closing date: 30/06/2010.
  • Tourney Director: Vito Rallo, Via A. Manzoni 162 C.S., 91100 Trapani (Italy). E-mail:


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