Photometric Diagrams as Useful Tools

Color - Color Diagram (CCD) and Color - Magnitude Diagram (CM) -

An open cluster photometric analysis can be lead using two major tool namely respectively: dereddening and zams fitting.

Dereddening - Through the application of this technique and using a Color-Color (CCD) diagram, one can obtain both the medium and the individual E(B-V) values for the cluster members as well as the determination of the early type stars true colors. Click on Fundamentals Photometric Diagrams and Photometric Diagrams Usage, for an extensive explanation of both CCD Diagram, dereddening tecnique and the determination of E(B-V) parameter.

Zams Fitting - Plotting the apparent magnitudes of the stars - within a cluster - with respect to their intrinsic color indices, we have the equivalent of the color-apparent magnitude diagram. Comparing such a diagram with the standard intrinsic color-absolute magnitude calibration and traying to match comparable parts of the two arrays, one can obtain the difference between the apparent and the absolute magnitudes finding, in this manner, the distance modulus (m-M). Clik on Photometric Diagrams Usage for an extensive explanations.

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