Inside this site, the reader can find information about the following topics:

  1. Generality about Open Star Clusters
  2. Relations between Photometry and Spectroscopy
  3. Information about Interstellar Extinction and its treatment
  4. Definition of the reddening line locus
  5. Information about the UBV wideband photometric system
  6. Application of UBV wideband photometric system to Open Clusters studies
  7. Information about Two-Color and Color-Magnitude diagrams as fundamental photometry tools
  8. Information about usage of Two-Color and Color-Magnitude diagrams, in solving an Open Clusters photometric analysis
  9. The Two-Color diagram as fundamental tool in determining the average E(B-V) value
  10. Dereddening techniques and determination of the individual reddening values for cluster members
  11. The unreddened Color-Magnitude diagram as fundamental tool in determining Open Clusters distance modulus
  12. Information about stars Empirical Calibrations and their use in Open Clusters Studies.
  13. Possibility of reach and download a sort of laboratory tool, whose goal is: to approach the advance amateur to the linear and polynomials interpolations tecniques and their applications to Open Clusters studies
  14. Possibility of reach and download a free and very complete code devoted to Open Clusters studies, whose use allow us to obtain the following results for cluster members: