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Muzeum Loutkarskych Kultur
(International Marionette Museum)
Bretislavova 75
International Institute of Marionette Art
Phone: 0455/42-047

Informazioni in loco

Is located in very beautiful old space from 16 centery.
Daily we have visitors from about 20-25 countries.
Because our museum is on a main tourist route in Prague, next to the Charles Bridge,
and Prague is today the biggest tourist Attraction in the World.
We are ready and open for all your ideas and exposition

from historical or modern theatre.



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Cincinnati Art Museum
953 Eden ParkDrive - Cincinnati
Ohio 45202-1596

Cinncinnati Art Museum
Phone (513) 639-2995

Tuesday- Saturday:  10 am 5 pm - Sunday : noon to 6 pm.
Closed Monday

Adults US$ 5.00 - Senior US$ 4.00
College Students US$ 4.00
Children Free

The Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM) is one of the xountry's oldest visual art institution
and the first general art museum west of the Alleghenies to be established in its own
building. Founded in 1881, The Museum opened to world acclaim in May 1886 in a Richardson-Romanesque style building constructed by Cincinnati Architect James McLaughlin
in Eden Park atop Mt..  Adams. It was heralded as the Art Palace of the West.
The Museum's roots stretch back to the Women's Art Museum Association wich formed in 1877 to provide art classes, acquire collections and offer temporary exibitions for the city



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Österreichisches Theatermuseum

Haupthaus: Lobkowitzplatz 2, A-1010 Wien
Ausstellungen, Schausammlung, Kindertheatermuseum, Bibliothek,
Eroica-Saal, Vermietungen, Shop

Tel.: +43 (0)1 512 88 00 - 0
Fax: +43 (0)1 512 88 00 - 45

Hanuschgasse 3, A-1010 Wien
Schauräume, Wotruba-Studienzentrum
Tel. +43 (0)1 512 24 27 und +(0)1 512 88 00 - 49



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Museo Virtuale del Burattino e della Marionetta

BUMA è il museo virtuale del burattino e della marionetta, un sito dedicato
interamente al mondo del teatro d'animazione. Solo qui potrete visitare la
prestigiosa collezione di burattini e marionette delle
 Scuole Civiche di Milano
 e accedere alle informazioni più valide e aggiornate su gli eventi
e gli operatori del settore.



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